6 Ways to Fight Our Enemies - Psalm 143

Facing the Enemy, Psalm 143, letting God fight for us

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where enemies have the upper hand. 

At other times, we are our own worst enemy, letting our thoughts spiral into hopelessness.

Whichever "enemy" we're facing, Psalm 143 gives us advice:

1. The Psalmist cries out to the Lord (1-6).

2. He acknowledges that he won't make it without the Lord (7). 

3. He meets with God in the morning looking for help (8).

4. He "hides" in the Lord, knowing God will protect him (9).

5. He asks God's Spirit to guide him and give him wisdom (10).

6. He affirms his trust and commitment (8,12).
When we're troubled, discouraged, or under attack, these steps are important.

While it's good to get godly advice, we need to seek God first and foremost, admitting our need. 

When we wake up - before fear or bitterness takes possession of our thoughts - we should seek the Lord and "hide" in His wisdom and comfort. 

We should seek His guidance and confess our trust.


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