Psalm 119 Is Worth All 176 Verses - A Great Psalm to Study

Psalm 119, longest Psalm, importance of God's Word
I enjoy reading Psalms. 

They help me express my feelings and focus on God's faithfulness.

But Psalm 119--the longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses--can seem daunting.

Recently, I decided to use a four hour train ride in Hungary to read it three times: 

First, listing the benefits of God's Word. 

Second, listing the descriptions of God's Word. 

♥ Third, listing the Psalmist's attitudes toward God's Word. 

It gave me a new appreciation for Psalm 119's exposition of God's Word.

God has chosen to speak to mankind through written words without which we would be blindly stumbling through this life.

His Word records the spiritual history of mankind, reveals the wonderful plan of salvation and explains how we can receive that salvation.

But it also:

        ♥ Guides          ♥ Protects         ♥ Restores 
        ♥ Instructs        ♥ Counsels       ♥ Strengthens 
        ♥ Comforts       ♥ Delivers         ♥ Gives hope, peace, and security 
                              ♥ Plus so much more! 

Are you daily taking advantage of this wonderful resource God has given you?

Why not study Psalm 119 this week. See the Bite Size Bible Study HERE.

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