3 Ways God Rescues Us- Insights From the Red Sea, Jericho, and Jonah

Psalm 73, God rescues us, Red Sea, Jonah, Rahab
Psalm 73, like other Psalms, tells us how to overcome discouragement when we:

  • See bad people rewarded (2-12)  
  • See good people in trouble (13-14)  
  • Feel confused and troubled (16)  
  • Doubt God's plans and purposes (21-22)  
Some paths are hard and rocky, and sometimes we see only troubles, no hope in sight.

In Psalm 73, Asaph was on such a path, but he chose to "turn the corner" by reminding himself of God's past faithfulness. And it's good to remember that God doesn't always rescue us in conventional ways. Have you experienced these: 

1. Red Sea Rescues - When we only see options A and B, but God has option C. Psalm 77:19

2. Jericho Rescues - When God destroys false "support walls" in our lives.  Proverbs. 3:5-6

3. Big Fish Rescues - When God rescues us from ourselves. Jonah 1

After reminding ourselves of God's past rescues, we can remind ourselves of the greatest rescue of all, just like Asaph did in verse 24.

If you would like to do a short Bible study on this devotion and take a closer look at the 3 ways God rescues His people, check out today's Bite Size Bible Study.

Psalm 73, God rescues us

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