A Bible Love Notes Book in 2023!!

Please pray that this book will glorify the Lord! Thanks!

Have you ever wished you had a book of Bible Love Notes?

For years readers have written asking me if there was a book of 1-minute devotions available. I understand their desire: I love to hold a book in my hands, scribble notes in the margins, or mark a favorite devotion by folding the corner of the page. 

Please pray that this book will glorify the Lord! Thanks!
There are some things a book provides that an emailed devotion cannot. 

An answer to prayer!

I’ve prayed about publishing a book for years, but getting a book published is a time-consuming project, and I wasn't sure I had the time with all of my responsibilities with the Bible Love Notes ministry. So last summer, I asked the Lord to make it clear if He wanted me to write a book.

In early October, an agent (with a Christian agency) saw my work on Bible Love Notes and contacted me, asking if I wanted him to represent me to publishers. In the publishing world, an unpublished author needs an agent before a publisher will look at their proposal. And my friend who is a published author told me that it was quite unusual to have an agent contact me. Typically, unpublished authors have to seek out agents.

Please pray that this book will glorify the Lord! Thanks!

I felt this was an answer to my prayer, so I prepared a proposal. The process went much faster than expected. On December 10th I signed a contract to do a devotional book with B&H Publishers (a division of Lifeway). The book will be called Wisdom for Life and will contain 100 1-minute devotions based on Psalms and Proverbs. It's scheduled to come out in Spring 2023. 

I know that only the Lord could have brought this all together, and I’m excited. 

With all my heart, I want to honor the Lord with this book. I’m praying it will bless those who read it, drawing them closer to the Lord.

Please pray!

I have started a prayer group for the book and I’m sending out one or two requests each month. If you’d like to join that group and pray for the book, please email wisdom4lifedevo@yahoo.com and ask to be put on the prayer list. Even if you don’t want to join that list, I hope you will pray. 

The book will not simply be a repeat of things already published in Bible Love Notes. It will cover some of the same subjects, but it will be mostly new material. In addition, it will contain a suggestion, question, or thought to ponder at the end of each devotion and a place to write notes.

I’d love to hear from you with any feedback you have on this book project. Bible Love Notes subscribers are still my first priority. And Bible Love Notes will continue to publish weekday devotions. That won’t change! 

God bless you all, 



  1. I can't wait to get my hands on that book. A friend shared Bible Love Notes with me almost a year ago and my husband and I both look forward to reading it every morning. Your words have broadened my understanding and truly helped me in my walk with the Lord.

    1. Dear Lu,
      That's so, so encouraging to hear! Thanks for taking the time to let me know. God bless you.

  2. Great news, I would have been happy even with repeated information! I say that agents should have seen your God given talent a long time ago, and am so glad that you went through with this. Prayers that the book will bring encouragement to believers and be life transforming to others. I also hope that you will get rest and renewal, time to spend with your husband and family. Sending you an online hug!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement and your prayers, Heidi. I always enjoy an "online hug"!