Never Neglect God's Word!

This is the last of a 10 part series on Psalm 119:9-16 called  9 Disciplines of Growing Christians.
Read the entire series HERE.

We can't expect to live godly lives in Christ if we neglect God's Word.

Psalem 119:16, never neglect God's Words, 3 hindrances to quiet time
"I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word." Psalm 119:16

Often we neglect reading and studying God's Word for one of these reasons:
1. Satan tempts us to waste our time on less important things.
See Doin' the Proverbs 4 Walk

2. We don't really believe God's Word is essential to our lives.
See Talk or Power

3. We let good things in life crowd out the best things. 

In his pamphlet "Tyranny of the Urgent," Charles Hummel suggests keeping track of the way you spend your time for a week. Each night before bed, write down everything you did, valuable activities as well as "time-wasters," work and leisure.

Then determine the areas where you aren't spending time wisely and ask God's help in creating a "time budget." It shouldn't be an inflexible schedule, but a "plan" to help you faithfully and regularly read and study God's Word.
I get no reimbursement for recommending books on Bible Love Notes, but I recommend The Tyranny of the Urgent pamphlet.


  1. That sounds like a good book!
    I'm printing off this post to go with our Sunday School lesson this week on Steward-ship. Thank-you for what you do. Your posts are perfect to print off for fridge reading. It's a way to share them with others:)

    also linked to this post today:

  2. Thanks for this post. I recently started writing in my journal at evenings, looking back at the day. Very relaxing and inspiring!

    1. That's a great idea, Marja. A good activity before bedtime to clear our thoughts and give us perspective on our day.


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