Plead & Praise- The Psalmist's Way to Deal With Injustice

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When we face injustice, we can do like the Psalmists and "plead and praise."

Years ago, my husband and I worked tirelessly for a ministry only to have one of the leaders spread lies about us. It was heart-breaking. 

Mistreatment happens to most of us, but King David's life was full of it. His arch enemy, the ungodly King Saul, reigned in Israel 42 years and made it his personal mission to discredit and kill David. 

Despite the years of unjust suffering, David never quit believing in the justice and love of the Lord. 

His Psalms are full of pleas and praises. 

In Psalm 31, he explains he's like "broken pottery," the utter contempt of his neighbors, and he pleads with God to silence his enemies. 

But always accompanying his misery are statements of faith:

"I trust in you, O Lord ... My times are in your hands ... How great is your goodness."

Faith gave David an assurance about God's justice even when he couldn't see it. (Hebrews 11:1).

Are you being mistreated? Plead and praise.


  1. So true Gail, I remember about a year ago I was suffering under the leadership of a bad boss who bullied me and my peers were indifferent to this, they supported her because of who she is and her status in the co. After much pleading and praising, the Lord delivered me!! I am working in another place (I was recruited out!) and loving it!


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