Psalm 18: Let's Use Names For God That Are Worth Of His Majesty

Psalm 18: Let's Use Names For God That Are Worth Of His Majesty
Psalm 18 offers us some wonderful names for God, fitting of His awesome nature...

We tend to give God names beneath Him like "my biggest fan," "the man upstairs" or "my co-pilot."*

This is partly because we don't fully understand the majesty and wonder of our God. And a good way to improve our understanding is to read the Psalms. 

For example, in a single Psalm (Psalm 18), David calls God: 

♥ My Strength
♥ My Rock
♥ My Fortress
♥ My Deliverer
♥ My Shield
♥ My Horn of Salvation
♥ My Stronghold
♥ The Most High
♥ My Support
♥ My Savior

These names don't fully describe our God--no words can fully contain Him, but they are worthy names describing important aspects of His character.

Why not read through the Psalms and keep a list of names used for God. And add some worthy names of your own based on your own experiences with God's faithfulness.

If you need some inspiration, listen to "Powerful Praise"  which I recommended previously. It is well worth the 6 minutes it takes to hear it.

* All of these names are used in a positive sense, but they have some serious flaws. ~ We use the term "fan" to mean a sports or celebrity enthusiast or a person who greatly admires another (it appears to be derived from "fanatic" which means unreasoning zeal). God loves us deeply, but calling Him our fan puts Him in an inferior position. It is more appropriate to say we are His biggest fans, although it's not the best use of the word even in that case. ~ The man upstairs...well, I don't think I really need to explain why this name is unworthy of our Almighty Creator God. ~ And God is nobody's co-pilot. He's not submitted to us nor equal with us.

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Psalm 18: Let's Use Names For God That Are Worth Of His Majesty

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