An Incredible Prophecy of Christ's Death

Psalm 22: An Incredible Prophecy of Christ's Death

Have you ever heard the saying:
The Old Testament is Christ concealed. The New Testament is Christ revealed.

It’s true.

For example:

Christ is present in Creation but we don’t fully understand His presence until we read of it in the New Testament (Colossians 1:16).(1)

Christ's victory over sin and Satan is predicted after the fall in Genesis 3:15, but we don’t fully understand this phrase until the New Testament (Romans 16:20; 1 John 3:8).

Throughout Scripture, God leaves "clues" and Psalm 22 is a special one - a clue of Christ’s death written hundreds of years before His coming.

Please read these linked verses and be amazed at the deliberate way God planted clues of Jesus in the Old Testament.

Psalm 22:1 -- Matthew 27:46

Psalm 22:7-8 -- Luke 23:35-36
Psalm 22:16 -- Acts 2:23
Psalm 22:18 -- Mark 15:24
It is also believed that Psalm 22:17 refers to none of Christ's bones being broken on the cross (John 19:36).
(1) Several clues tell us that the trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were present at creation: The Spirit (Genesis 1:2), "Let us make mankind" (Genesis 1:26).

Read this wonderful list of clues of Jesus in every Old Testament Book.

I encourage you to read this 1-minute devotion that also talks about the clues and whispers of God: God's Mercy is Beyond Comprehension.

Psalm 22: An Incredible Prophecy of Christ's Death

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  1. How true this is! Praise God for His agape love for us🙏