Misunderstandings About Judgment

Almost everyday I hear a Christian or non-Christian use the passage "JUDGE NOT" in an incorrect way, usually to mean that Christians should keep their mouths shut about sin.  But that isn't what that passage says unless those two words are taken out of context. The following 1-minute devotions explain this passage more fully and/or give ample proof that judgement is a part of our Christian faith. In fact, it is impossible to have values without making judgments.  

Biblical Judgment: 5 Errors to Avoid
An Immature View of Judging
Walk a Mile in Their Moccasins
Nobody's Business
To Judge or Not to Judge
Do Not Judge
Judge Not Scripture Out of Context
Judgment Phobia
Judge the Sin, Not the Sinner??
Judging Ourselves
All Sins are Not the Same in God's Eyes
Context is King!
I Remember the Log
Misunderstanding Human Needs
Using the "J" Word
Using the "J" Word Bible Study
Insights for the "J" Word Bible Study
Inaccurate, Illogical, Popular

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