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1-Minute Bible Love Notes 2015
those devotions marked with an asterisk (*) have an accompany study on Bite Size Bible Study 

What Doesn't Kill Us--what does make us stronger?
Count Whose Blessings?--don't let the "evil twins" get you

Moses to the Rescue--self-confidence or God confidence?
Not a Good Listener--it's not about you
Ridiculous Lies--avoid problems - trust the Lord
Don't Let Others Do Your Thinking--opinions are OK, but give me the facts
Same Cure--for low and high self-esteem

Brainwashing--let God "brainwash" you
Sticks and Stones--words have many impacts
Say It Often--all popular sayings may not be true
Sin Stinks...Literally--did you collect your manna today?
Short and Memorable--the Life of Blaise Pascal--what a great Christian example

The Good Fight--do you know Miriam's story?
Bent Out of Shape--God turns mistreatment around
Father Placid--lessons from a Siberian prison camp
Even if Others--don't compare yourself to others
Judge Not Scripture Out Of Context--the most misused phrase in Scripture

Follow the Leader--following can get you in trouble
Monkey See, Monkey Not Do!--it matters who you imitate
Be a Jesus Follower--focus on our common beliefs
Never Enough--contentment in this area is not good
Harmless Sin--you can't get away

Grasshopper Faith--conqueror or grasshopper?
Cartoons and Cinnamon Rolls--from the mouths of babes...
Sibling Rivalry--Miriam wasn't content-are you?
Whose Image?--cut-and-paste Christianity?
Street Cred--Jesus had it-plus some

Truth and Consequences--three important things about earthly consequences
Another Jesus--not the Jesus of the Bible?
No Popularity Contest--the salt that rubs people wrong
Is Hell Necessary?--it's not optional
No Shades of Grey - It's Black and White--beware glorifying immorality

Don't Give Me What I Deserve!--a sense of entitlement is a poor witness
Sometimes We Don't Have a Clue--look beyond externals
Good News Casting--fact or fiction - make sure
Decaf Devotions--caffeinated Christianity is good
Do You Believe in Devolution, It's Fact, Not Theory--evolution vs. devolution

Whose Praise?--who are you in love with?
Do You Know What a 14er Is?--just how big is your God?
Doing Our Part--sanctification is not just an event
What's Your Addiction? God Has the Answer!--how to face temptation
Sinless Gospel--understand the depth of Christ's sacrifice

"Real Evangelism"--just might be more than one way
Jumpers--Peter-style evangelists
Apologists--Paul used his reasoning skills
Name Droppers--a natural way to share the Gospel
Servant Evangelists--Dorcas gave a great example

No Evil--three ways to help transform your mind
Vanity At Every Age--why would an 83 year old grandmother do this?
8 Ways to Walk Closer to the Lord--don't be passive but be proactive
Jealous God--idolatry comes in many forms
Don't Sugar-Coat It--God loves us too much to overlook it

Is Jesus Likeable?--are you a representative of Christ?
Sometimes I Trust in Chariots--how to overcome your "chariots"
Don't Let Circumstances "Eat" You--learn about the "Jonah Principle"
4 Ways To Discover Your God-Given Purposes--how to find your role
Comfortable on the Couch-- don't be a "couch christian"

Have You Become Desenstized?--these influences can affect you
Do It Now!--is there a relationship that needs to be fixed?
Trash Talk versus Truth Talk--what giants are taunting you?
Judgement Phobia--judgement is a necessary part of redemption
Fire Proof--how to avoid the flames

Stinking Flowers--don't become a parasite host
The Freedom of a Slave--how do you view your circumstances?

He Is No Fool--don't celebrate foolishness
Aha Moments--Jesus can give you those moments
Remembering His Sacrifice--how do you remember Christ's sacrifice?

5 Verses to Help You Through Injustice--a diet of God's Word helps
The Freedom of Contentment--the difference between a want and a need
Epicaricacy--but what does it mean?
Worship is a Way of Life--see the two characteristics of genuine worship
Any Heart--can God same anyone?

"Bitter" is a Bad Name--change your name or your perspective?
The Freedom of Loving Your Enemies--see how that sets you free
Can't Live Without 'Em--what "A.D. The Bible Continues" left out
Flattery or Growth--what's praise got to do with it? 
An Offer You Can't Refuse--how you can be comforted 

5 Tips For Slaying Giants--you can learn from David
Don't Listen to Doubters!--what to do when you get negative feedback
When Little Things Are Big Things--little victories lead to bigger ones
Small Stones Kill Giants--humble gifts + faith = a powerful weapon
Strike First!--how to be proactive - don't let Satan get in the first blow 

Imagine This--what is God saying through her story?
The Freedom of Forgiveness--are you struggling to forgive, read this
Compound Sentences--don't miss the second perspective
Adjusting Our Focus--focus your energies on the race

Act!--Christianity is not passive

Unpleasant, Unpopular, Loving--how to share hard truths
The Freedom of Faith--are you struggling in a situation? - try this
Stupid Has No Age Limit--how you can deal with peer pressure
Only 4%--you can help beat the odds
He Sees Our Sins--what God really sees in you

Who Wants a King?--do you want conformity or God?
God's Love is Unreasonable--God's response to unreasonable rebellion
When God is Silent--what to do when we don't hear God
Don't Bother Me With the Facts--do you have an open or closed mind?
3 Types of People--which type are you? 

Reflect on This--you can be more loyal, more diligent and more hard-working
Do the Ten Commandments Apply to Us Today?--what applies to us today?
8 Evening Habits of Maturing Christians--you may want to add to your routine
Secret Sins--you can run but you can't hide from God
Be Prepared: Why Would a Loving God Send Men to Hell?--we do have a choice

Think About It!--what are you thinking about?
Lovism vs Legalism?--avoid the trap of legalism
I'm Swimming Upstream--don't go with the flow
What Comes First?--which is it - disobedience or distance?
Self or God Esteem?--self-esteem may not be what it's cracked up to be

Partial Obedience--sort of...not exactly...almost
Fingers in the Flame--God's not out to spoil your fun
Ask Yourself--3 questions about your walk with Jesus
When to Care--what do you care about most - what people think or what God thinks?
Greatest Human Need--what our culture says versus what God says

Kindred Spirits--2 unique character qualities
The Biggest of the Big Ten--which Commandment blows us out of the water?
I Remember the Log--get rid of those "eye logs"
Give Me Truth!--what cost to be admired by our culture?
Such a Pity, Not a Party--self pity is a sin

Nameless Young Girl--faithfulness in adversity
American Idols--what are your idols?
Fool's Gold--He's infinite, we're finite
Set Your Mind or Set Your Alarm--a way to capture thoughts
Ridiculous--who's to blame? 

Never Alone--what to do this side of heaven
Who Said It's Just a Cuss Word--it's not just what we say
God's Got Your Back!--God is my shield
Walk a Mile in Their Moccasins--thinking of others instead of ourselves
What's On Your Menu--is God's Word a part of it?

What a Night!--how to take your thoughts captive
God Loves a Party!--not a religious burden

Sin and Typewriters--we are the masters of excuses
Others First--selfishness kills relationships
2 = All--where good works and obedience fit

Hate Crimes--come in many forms
Speck-Finders--how to be a "log-remover" instead
This Isn't Love--without remorse and repentance it isn't love
Context is King!--don't cherry-pick your verses
Endured or Cured--Jesus is enough

The Power and the Limit of Words--words are powerful, but...
If Looks Could Kill--you could be a serial killer
Hard Teaching--can they come from a loving God?
A Glimpse Behind the Scenes--God does some of His best work there
Lines in the Sand--we don't get to know everything

7 Ways to Shine--how to let your light shine
Love & Marriage--God has a plan
Pot or Potter?--no one changes God
3 Ways to Enjoy Life & Facebook--how is your life?
5 Ways to Restore Your Fervor For Christ--are you alive or dead?

Sheeple--not really a bad thing
Why I Don't Steal--does your conscience bother you?
Before and After--what about after you're saved?
Not Now!--we're not there yet
Flags or People?--we should consider others first

Bullets and Bibles--this book can save your life
Little Boy Who Cried Wolf--we can't ever fool God
What's Your Jesus Story?--share that story with others
Psalm 12 for Today--God doesn't need man's approval
To Do List--10 things that help

Those Who Hate Him--give them the whole Gospel
When Two Equals Ten (2 = 10)--God's new math
The Frozen Chosen--it's not what you think
Dehydration--make sure you don't wilt
Selfish or Selfless--who are you looking out for?

Faith + Nothing = Salvation + Works--how faith and works go together
Feeling Good or Being Good--wisdom requires humility and teachability
Worth Celebrating--Jesus is the joy
For This Reason--why Christ came
Organized Chaos--disorganization is poor stewardship

What the Bible Teaches About Homosexuality--Jesus drew the lines
God's Grammar Rules--when to wait or move
3 Ways to Detect Counterfeit Philosophies--the Secret Service can help
A Promise--don't let fear and fault-finding win
Too Late--the story of lost promises

Standing On God's Word in Changing Times--what to do with foolish arguments

Why Does He Love Us?--God's love is "unreasonable"
We Serve a God of Adventure--are you willing to follow Him?
This Little Light of Mine--shine your light
The Saddest Psalm--God is good, even when...

Living Memorials--if you know Him, you are one
4 Biblical Secrets--ways to be more optimistic
Touched by God--have you heard of oxytocin?
Heritage--how it can be good or bad
Fruitful Palms--you can bear fruit in old age

8 Narcissist Problems--do you even know what that is?
Scrape...Scrape...Scrape--does anyone notice what you do?
Free or Slave?--God's definition is different than ours
Inaccurate, Illogical, Popular--know what the Bible actually teaches
On the Road Again--how to respond to bumps in the road

Choice--not all are good
She Didn't Know What to Say--don't always give answers
God-Given Gifts--He develops those gifts
Narcigesis - Using Scripture Selfishly--explaining from God's or man's view
I'm Only Human--excuse or a decision

Empathy--feel their pain
Poison Control--resentment kills
Make No Mistake--sin is not just a mistake

Faith, Not Answers--mystery can be good
Love, Not Like--you may not like everyone

Facts or Feelings--genuine repentance refreshes
The Power of Negative Self-Talk--fight those thoughts
3 Reasons We Don't Always Get Along--sanctification is a process
Are You Sure You Aren't Religious--religion or love?
3 Paths to Self-Deception--don't damage your soul

Our Jealous God--it's not always bad
God Can Use Our Scars--do you know God's promise?
3 Lies That Take Our Focus Off God--find out what comes first
4 Aspects of Christian Growth--conviction means listening
When "Love" = Hate--this is the real hate crime

All the Way to Timbuktu!--God works in strange ways
He Gave Up His Leg--what will you fight for?
Standing Firm--don't let weeds set the standards
Character is More Important Than Talent--guess who God uses most
The Gospel of Oprah--God is jealous of who?

How & What--how is sometimes more important than what
My Teeth Marks Are On That Apple--food is part of our spiritual death
Some Will Listen--so keep fighting the good fight
It's Quizzical--how to avoid being duped
Internet Missionary--overlooked mission fields

Trusting the Engineer--what to do if you're in a tunnel right now
Peanut Butter or Gourmet Fare?--our salvation journey has all "meals" included
Godliness With Contentment = Great Gain--the difference between luxuries and necessites
No Karma--don't add an unfair burden to other Christians
The Age of Selfies--don't let selfies ruin your life

3 Ways God Rescues Us--how to overcome discouragement
The Problem With Comfort Foods--God wants to do it
We Choose Sin--don't be influenced by false cultural views of sin
Concrete Minds--great for a patio but not a mind
4 Signs We're People-Pleasers--what pleases God is the point

Created and Born--how to get joy unspeakable
Let's Talk Turkey--what's God created for your pleasure?
I'm Full--what we "eat" first and most often matters
Cookie Thieves--jumping to conclusions may miss the mark
I'm Broken, You're Broken--I'm OK, You're OK - NOT

3 Mysteries of Faith--are you comfortable with mystery?
5 Kernels of Corn--God will get you through, just ask the Pilgrims
No Pain, No Gain--4 ways to turn hardship into Christian growth
15 Benefits of Being Thankful--gratefulness pays big dividends
Gifts With Purpose--how to add purpose to gift-giving

7 Things We Learn From Acts 8:26-39--a truth packed story

Left Overs--when left overs are not good
Lizards and Kings--how God speaks through a tiny lizard
8 Steps to a More Meaningful Christmas--some things to add to your celebration
6 Things to Believe in at Christmas (and always!)--they really work

Prospering in Prison--how to prosper in the middle of turmoil
Juicy, Deadly Cantaloupes--it's hard to gain but easy to lose
God Alone--5 truths on how to deal with slander
6 Christian Rules of Speech--better than the Grammar Rules of Speech
Genesis 5-/20 Eyesight--it's better than our own 20/20 eyesight

Why Celebrate Christmas?--it's not when but WHO
The Sweetest Gift--grateful hearts and generous spirits are key
Faith Under Fire--four principles that will help
Old and New--transformation is the answer
Why Not Me?--what's the more reasonable question?

Let's Grow Up!--what about your parents?
Christmas is About Family--it's a bigger family than you think
Likin' and Lovin'--can you love someone you don't like?
When the Foundations are Being Destroyed--when it's all wrong, we can still choose right
Merry Christmas--rejoice and be glad

Discernment or Slander?--do the work and your own thinking
Fast Food for the Soul--God's "fast food" includes lots of fruit
This Horse Pulls the Cart--honor follows character
100 Years Ago and Tomorrow--press on toward the goal

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