Hard Questions

A collection of 1-minute devotions answering difficult questions about God and Life

Sometimes things just don't make sense. These 1-Minute devotions address some of the hard questions we ask about God and life. I pray they are helpful.

Misunderstandings About the Stripes of Jesus

Does God Hate Shrimp?

3 Reasons there Can Only be One True God

Groups that Believe in Another Jesus

How Feminist Theology Misuses Scripture

Reflections on Suffering

How Much Can a Christian Sin?

Can a Christian be Demon-Possessed

Does Faith Heal?

Heavenly versus Earthly Promises

Is Salvation Always Available?

Does God Forgive Unrepentant People?

God Punishes

Man Says Show Me and I’ll Trust You. God Says…

Every Path Does Not Lead to God

Understanding Why Satan Has Power

“Acts of God”

Why, God, Why?

Have I Served God in Vain?

The Big Picture

Why Do We Suffer for Adam’s Sins?

Accepting Comfort

Need to Know Only

Worse Than Suffering

No Satisfactory Answer

If I Were God

What Did They Do To Deserve This?

Why Is There Senseless Suffering?

Why Do We Care About Suffering and Evil?

Are You Uncomfortable With Mystery?

The Necessity of Pain

Most Popular Mystery Writer

A Saint’s Life

Why Do Peaches Have Fur?

“Unanswered Prayers”

Just One Rule and They Broke It!

Random Death


If Only God Were Easy

5 Theories for Life After Death

Eternal Life

Things Mysterious

God’s Love Is Better Than Unconditional – It is Perfect

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