Hard Questions

This collection offers more than 50 one-minute devotions answering hard questions about Christianity such as "Why is there senseless suffering?" and "Why do we suffer for Adam's sin?"

Sometimes things just don't make sense. These 1-Minute devotions address some of the hard questions we ask about God and life. I pray they are helpful.

Misunderstandings About the Stripes of Jesus
Many people misunderstand the phrase "by His stripes we are healed." This 1-minut devotion explains it using multiple Scriptures.


Does God Hate Shrimp?
There are many dumb excuses for ignoring God's moral laws. This 1-minute devotion explains how to test which Old Testament laws apply today.

3 Reasons there Can Only be One True God
3 Reasons there can only be one God and 3 Reasons Scripture is not "open to interpretation."

Groups that Believe in Another Jesus
Many cults and other religions claim to believe in Jesus, but it's not the Jesus of Scripture.

How Feminist Theology Misuses Scripture
Why these 3 Feminist Arguments fall flat on their face.

Reflections on Suffering
When we have questions about suffering, we need to keep a biblical perspective. This 1-minute devotion explains where we should start.

How Much Can a Christian Sin?
Is it right to ask this question? Yes and no. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Can a Christian be Demon-Possessed
Can a Christian Be Demon Possessed? This devotion offers 6 Scriptures About Resisting Satan and other pertinent insights.

There are many false teachings about healing that leave people feeling guilty. Study all Scripture teaches!

Heavenly Promises Versus Earthly Promises - False Teachings About Healing

Don't Assure People That It's Never Too Late for Salvation. This devotion explains why that's a dangerous thing to do.

Does God Forgive Unrepentant People?
Jesus said, "Father Forgive Them" from the Cross. Does this mean that God forgives people who never repent? This 1-minute devotion explains why it does not mean that.

Does God punish Christians or do we simply suffer from consequences? This 1-minute devotion shares the answer from Scripture. 

Man Says Show Me and I’ll Trust You. God Says…
Man says "Show me and I'll Trust you." Do you know what God says? This 1-minute devotion shares some good thoughts about trusting God.

People say it without thinking, but there is absolutely no way all faiths can lead to God. This 1-minute devotion explains why. 

Why does God allow Satan to exist? This 1-minute devotion gives us some Biblical insights.
Accidents, disease, and natural disasters ... They seem so random and unnecessary. Why doesn't God stop them? This 1-Minute Devotion Addresses that question.
Answering tough questions: Where is God when evil things happen?
When we feel like life has knocked us down, we can gain wisdom from the way Asaph handled his discouragement in Psalm 73.
This 1-minute devotion offers 5 things to remember when your life doesn't make sense and you feel like blaming God.
Have you ever wondered why all of mankind suffers because of Adam's sin? This devotion addresses that question.
When we face injustice or suffering, we need to remember these principles and promises.
Did you know that some questions in our life God classifies "Need to Know Only" and He's the only one who needs to know? This 1-Minute devotion explains.
There's something harder than suffering and it tests our faith more than anything else. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Sometimes we ask God questions and get no satisfactory answers. This 1-minute devotion addresses that problem.
There is a common statement people make that shows how incredibly arrogant we human beings can be. Let's let God be God.
God rebuked Job's friends for a belief that many Christians hold now. In fact, some churches focus on this false teaching. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Why does God allow evil in the world? Why didn't He create a perfect world? This 1-minute devotion addresses these questions.
Do you know the real reason that we human beings care about evil and suffering? It might surprise you.
I used to wish I could fully understand God. I was uncomfortable with mystery. Then someone told me something that totally changed my point of view. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Pain may be a gift that nobody wants, but this 1-minute devotion explains why it can be a gift for the Christian.
Do you know the 3 Best-Selling Authors of all time? This 1-minute devotion answers that question.
Steve Saint's life is a godly example of faith despite great adversity. Don't miss this short devotion about a man who was baptized by the man who killed his father.
Children are always asking questions and so are Christians. This 1-minute devotion encourages us to trust God with the hard questions.

 There's actually no such thing as "unanswered prayer." This 1-minute devotion explains the true meaning and why we should be grateful for it.

Have you ever wondered why God put the Forbidden Fruit Tree in the Garden of Eden? This 1-minute devotion addresses that question.
Jesus was asked about random deaths and He gave an interesting answer. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Why Tsunamis get more attention than heart disease and what God says that put both in perspective.
 Do you know why Christianity Doesn't Always Seem "logical" to Us? The reason is faith-building.

 This 1-minute devotion gives an overview of the common beliefs about the afterlife and the reason most folks don't believe the truth.

 It's popular to believe there are many paths to heaven. Do you know what Jesus said about this idea?0

 Why Did God Allow This to Happen? This 1-minute devotion offers several important examples and addresses the question of why bad things happen to good people.

This devotion explains why the word "unconditional" (which is not found in Scripture) causes many misunderstandings about God's love.

A concise, Biblical Answer to the Question: What About People Who Never Hear the Gospel? How Can They Be Saved?

Concise, Biblical answer to the question: Why Would a Loving God Send Men to Hell?

Concise, Biblical answer to the question: Doesn't the Bible contain inconsistencies?

A concise Biblical answer to the question: Why be a Christian when so many of them are hypocrites?

A concise, Biblical answer to the question: Isn't the Bible full of mythology?

This 1-minute devotion offers an answer to the question: Why Doesn't God Stop Evil?

A concise, Biblical answer to the question: How Can you take the Bible literally?

A Biblical answer to the question: "Why did God destroy entire nations in the Old Testament? 6 Important clues.

There is a very simple answer to the question: Why Can't All Religions Be True? This 1-minute devotion explains.

A 1-minute devotion to help you answer this question Biblically: "Why did God create mankind with the ability to sin?"

Some people claim that we should simply trust the words of Christ in Scripture, not the words written by men. This devotion explains why that isn't possible.

When someone says the Bible is written by men, that's only half true. This devotion explains.

What does a Christian say when someone asks why they "push their faith" on others? This 1-minute devotion gives an excellent answer.

Answering this question: Isn't it Arrogant to think Jesus is the Only Way of Salvation?

This collection offers more than 50 one-minute devotions answering hard questions about Christianity such as "Why is there senseless suffering?" and "Why do we suffer for Adam's sin?"

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