Jesus Is Who the Bible Says He Is!

Many cults and other religions claim to believe in Jesus, but it's not the Jesus of Scripture.

The name of Jesus is powerful, but only if the name reflects the Jesus of the Bible.

As a member of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), Jesus has a specific role; but all three Persons of the Godhead work together as ONE God. 

Jesus shares the same character, goals, and attitudes as the Father and the Spirit.

Jesus is Creator, not created.(1)

Jesus is equal to Father and Spirit, not inferior.(2)

Jesus is God who became man, not man who became God.(3)

Scripture tells us that one sign of a cult or false religion is denial of the true Jesus (1 John 4:1-6).

We should be aware of groups who believe in a “different Jesus” – not the Jesus of the Bible.(4)

Why? So we can discern their errors and learn how to witness to them about the true Jesus.

Some who believe in a false Jesus:

* Muslims – Why Muslims Can’t Believe Jesus Was a Prophet

See also Islam and the Crucifixion of Jesus

* Mormons (LDS) – When Angels Tell Lies

See also What Mormonism Teaches about Jesus

* Jehovah's Witnesses: JW Beliefs

* Church of Almighty God   

* Mid-Acts Dispensationalism  

* Baha’i: Is Jesus a Prophet or God?

* Christian Science (it is neither Christian nor science)

* Unity School of Christianity

* United Church of God (Armstrongism)

Note: The United Church of God is an offshoot of Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, a cult that formerly published The Plain Truth magazine, which was neither plain nor truth. However, in 2009, the leaders of the Worldwide Church of God appear to have adopted accurate Christian doctrine and changed their name to Grace Communion International. (source)

List of Additional Cults (search the name on the website for complete information).

(1) See Is Jesus the Creator?

(2) Jesus is in submission to the Father in certain areas, but submission does not mean He is less important or any less God than the Father. Jesus never stopped being God when He came to earth, but He chose to temporarily limit Himself during His time on earth. 
Biblical submission is never about worth: Children are commanded to submit themselves to their parents, and wives are commanded to submit to their husbands. But this has nothing to do with their value or worth. It is a role God designed.
See Philippians 2:5-11 and How Can There be Subordination in the Trinity?

(3) See The Hypostatic Union (Jesus as both God and Man), Did Jesus Claim to be God?, How is Jesus the Son of God?, Why Did Jesus Say the Father is Greater?, How Could Jesus Pray to God?, Why Didn’t Jesus Know When He Would Return?

(4) Scripture warns of people preaching a “different Jesus” (2 Corinthians 11:4).  See also Test Whether You Have the True Jesus

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Many cults and other religions claim to believe in Jesus, but it's not the Jesus of Scripture.

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