Be Prepared: What About Bible "Inconsistencies"?

Bible inconsistencies, Bible is true and accurate and not inconsistent
Let's be prepared to answer this question:

Doesn't the Bible contain inconsistencies?

This is a common, unfounded rumor. Most people who ask this question have no examples of inconsistencies.

There are, however, things which appear inconsistent at first glance. I've researched several of these and found they're simply divinely inspired differences in Bible writers' perspectives. 

For example, Matthew and John emphasized different aspects of the same story, sometimes condensing and sometimes elaborating.

If you ask four honest people to explain an event they witnessed,  you'll get these same differences. They aren't inconsistencies, merely different perspectives which help us better understand an event.

If someone asks you about a specific "inconsistency" in Scripture, there are lots of resources to help you explain. (1) 

But before doing research, find out if their question is sincere.

Ask them: "If I could prove the Bible is 100% consistent and accurate, would you believe it?"(2)

Many people will honestly say "no," which makes further research unnecessary.
(1) Possible resources: The Big Book of Bible Difficulties by Norman L. Geisle ~ online--Apologetics Press
(2) This question suggested HERE

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