What Did They Do to Deserve This? Job 42:7

Job's Friends Missed the Point - Job 42:7
When friends blame you for circumstances beyond your control...

Job, a righteous man, lost his children, wealth and health.

Friends came to “comfort” him and said his difficulties were a sign of God’s displeasure.

God told Job's friends: “you have not spoken the truth about me.” (Job 42:7

I have some "Job's friends," people who answer my prayer requests by suggesting my illness or hardship is due to some unrelated sin in my life. 

And I've been a "Job's friend" at times, assigning blame for things I didn't understand. But that's Hindu Karma, not Christianity. 

Some things are clear—a drunken driver hits a pedestrian, a smoker develops lung cancer, a thief gets caught—but when there's no clear cause and effect we shouldn't think we are representing God by assigning one. 

When our friends are suffering, we shouldn't try to speak for God like Job's friends. 

We should listen to God and ask Him how He wants us to pray and help. 
© copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011 

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copyright, 2011, Gail Burton Purath
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Job's Friends Missed the Point - Job 42:7

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  1. Very true! Job has so many gold nuggets in it and this is one of them... I don't want to be a blamer or poor comforter like his friends were...


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