Life Isn't Always Family-Friendly

There are times I've chosen the easier path thinking I was doing what was best for my family. 

Family-friendly paths are a huge temptation to Christians even when they aren't the best choice. 

It's not blatant sin, just peripheral selfishness that trips us up, and family is often our excuse. 

God wants us to prioritize our family, right? But we Americans have prioritized family far beyond the principles of Scripture. 

How often do Christian families pray about giving up:
  • a family vacation for a mission trip?
  • an expensive children's sport to support a missionary?
  • an occasional family weekend for a community project?
  • a family-friendly career choice for something harder God might be calling them to do?
I admit I don't do these things enough myself even though I know the easier path is always less fulfilling because it bypasses God's best for me and my family (Ephesians 2:10). 

That's why Matthew 10: 37-38 says we cannot serve Christ well when we prioritize family or anything else above God's call. 

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  1. Lovely post! I do think that teaching our children to be self-indulgent and self-centered is not TRULY family friendly in the long run, anyway - it just FEELS like it at the moment.


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