"Acts of God"

How Jesus Answered Their Questions About Disasters and Murder

Accidents, disease, and natural disasters ... 

They seem so random and unnecessary. 

Why doesn't God stop them? 

These things weren't present in God's original creation (Genesis 1:31). 

However, when mankind sinned, death, decay, accidents, natural disasters and disease entered the picture (Genesis 3:17-19; Romans 8:18-21). 

The pain and suffering caused by these things can't always be predicted or cured and that leaves us feeling helpless and confused. 

In Luke 13, Christ addressed the accidental collapse of a tower without explaining the reason. Instead, He cautioned His listeners to repent because life is so uncertain (James 4:13-14). 

We know God could intervene in every earthly disaster, but for reasons we don't understand, He chooses not to do this (1 Corinthians 13:12; Isaiah 55:8-11) . 

However, God did intervene in the worst and most terrible disaster in mankind's history, and His intervention cost Him dearly (Romans 6:23). 

Whenever you doubt God's goodness, look to the cross. 

Resource: Where is God in Natural Disasters? By Janet Chismar

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How Jesus Answered Their Questions About Disasters and Murder


  1. Love this. So true.
    I'm reading a book right now - "When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight for Joy." One of the strong points is that Jesus went to the cross for joy - in obedience to the Father - to win joy for us. (Far more detailed than that, but your graphic really illustrates my thoughts this morning.)
    Thanks, Gail.

    1. Sounds like a great book, Dawn. I'll have to put it on my list of read, which is way too long already! : )

  2. Gail,
    This is a well-written and biblically accurate attempt to tackle the difficult subject of suffering. And you're right, the only response is to trust God's nature, character, and love for us as demonstrated by the sacrifice of his Son. Well done.


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