Today is the Day of Salvation

Don't Assure People That It's Never Too Late for Salvation

I was listening to a Christian song that claimed it’s never too late to be saved, and I began pondering that statement.

It's true and it's not.

For the repentant sinner who fears that God won’t accept him, it's spot on.

But Scripture never encourages a “don’t-worry-there's-always-tomorrow” attitude about salvation.

We don't know if we'll be alive tomorrow (James 4:14).

If we remain persistently stubborn or wicked we're at risk of being “given over” to our sinful desires and depraved minds even if we are alive (Romans 1:18-32).

God sings this song:

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion… I was angry with that generation; I said, ‘Their hearts are always going astray…‘They shall never enter my rest.’ ” See to it, brothers and sisters, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart…” Hebrews 3:7-13

Let’s offer assurance to the repentant sinner, but let’s give warning to the hesitant or resistant unbeliever.
For a clear, concise way to share Christ with unbelievers read Hit the Road.

Don't Assure People That It's Never Too Late for Salvation


  1. Thank you. I needed this. I believe in God is my father and Jesus is my savior. I have just fallen out of practicing the word of God. God lead me here to this post.

    1. Dear Della,
      I'm so glad this spoke to you. I have prayed that you will grow ever closer to Jesus in the coming weeks, renewing your love and faith.


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