Be Prepared: Why are there so many Christian hypocrites?

Christian hypocrites
Let's be prepared to answer this question about our faith:

Why be a Christian when so many are hypocrites?

It's true--there are hypocrites in churches--people who don't live the way the Bible prescribes. They talk about purity while living immorally and speak of love while behaving hatefully.

My answer to this question is five part:
1. The church is a good place for hypocrites. Christ offers powerful help in overcoming this and every other sin.

2. Not all who call themselves "Christians" are true believers. Insincere church members have always given true believers a bad name (Matthew 13:24-30).

3. Most people in churches are NOT hypocrites. Don't judge the church by a minority. 

4. Hypocrisy is a human problem, not a "Christian problem." You'll have trouble finding any group without hypocrite members.

5. If you're genuinely interested in living Biblically, it's hypocritical to give up on that pursuit simply because others have failed.


  1. very true it a human problem that for sure.

  2. Thank you for this very insightful 1-Minute Bible Love Note!


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