Why, God, Why?

Biblical answers to hard questions

A child is molested and the perpetrator never found. 

A retired couple loses their life's savings to a scam artist. 

A gang member murders and goes free on a technicality. 
Where is God? Why do the bad guys sometimes win? 

When things don't make sense, some people foolishly blame God. 

When I'm tempted to do this, I remember:

Biblical answers to hard questions
Man, not God, brought suffering into the world. (Genesis 1-3).

God created a perfect world but mankind's sins damaged it. Our present world is the best possible world for restoring mankind to God, but it's not the best possible world.

God gave us free choice, and freedom allows people to make bad as well as good choices. 

As C.S. Lewis wrote: God "thought freedom worth creating even at that price." 

Our finite minds can't comprehend why God doesn't stop evil and suffering, but we can trust this fact: God knows what He's doing because he's 100% good and loving. 

You can do a Bite Size Bible Study on this devotion HERE.


  1. How timely! In our small community a friends young grandchild died over the weekend due to a choking incident . Many community members have turned around and publicly stated their faith in God is dwindling as no God should take such a young child. I will be passing this love note on ....God IS good....thank you

    1. Dear Wendy,
      Tragedies like the one you describe understandably shake us. I'm glad that this devotion might be helpful.
      I've said a prayer for this family who lost the child.
      God bless,

  2. i will be passing this on to my son who is in prison right now he was raised in a Christian home the crime he has been found guilty for doesnt not even seem to be something he could of even been able to think of doing and he is just so confused as to how God could of let him be found guilty when some evidence didnt point to him i have been sending him bible studies and sent him a bible telling himm to stay in his reading our pastor has been sending him his sermons and other things as well so im praying this will help


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