Be Prepared: "Is Jesus the Only Way?"

The best way to respond when someone suggests that it's arrogant to claim Jesus is the Only Way of Salvation.

Christians are often "put on the spot" by questions about our faith, and it's important that we answer graciously but truthfully (Colossians 4:6).

1 Peter 3:15 says, "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect." 

So let's look at the best way to answer this question people sometimes ask: "How can you say Jesus is the only way? That sounds arrogant and exclusive."

The Christian response:
If it was our idea, it would be arrogant and exclusive. But it's the teaching of Jesus Himself.

In John 14:6, Jesus says, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

But Jesus isn't "exclusive"—He cares so deeply about each of us that He died a terrible death to make our salvation possible. He offers His salvation to everyone who believes (John 3:16). 

When people ask this question, it's also good to remind them that all religions believe in different gods and different ways to be saved. All of them contradict each other, so either they are all wrong or only one of them is right. And Christians have many reasons to believe Jesus is the only right way of salvation.

These two devotions offer further insights into this subject: 

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 After reading the devotion above, you might want to copy the verses it shares in a notebook or the back of your Bible so you'll be prepared to answer anyone who asks.

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The best way to respond when someone suggests that it's arrogant to claim Jesus is the Only Way of Salvation.

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  1. Who else died for mankind with all the sins of the world on him? It isn't arrogance, just truth :)

  2. What a great reply to the 'arrogant and exclusive' question. I need to remember that! Having an atheist father often puts me in a challenging position. Very helpful post!

  3. I would say: Did you know that the latest bible gospel copy found is 90 A.D.- older than the Quran? Did you know that archeology keeps proving over and over that the places and people in the Bible did exist? Did you read the latest news in anthropology that the most complete and earliest homo skull has researchers believing all human fossils they've found so far are in fact the same species of homo erectus? Did you know the Bible spoke of the mathematical pi before the Greeks discovered it? Did you see that some fossils have been found which still have soft tissue on them- proving they were not millions of years old as claimed? Are you aware that flood legends exist all around the world, suggesting a world wide flood did indeed happen? In the last two centuries, so much evidence has come forth confirming the bible that I cannot believe otherwise. {Commenter's note: Of course, to answer in this way, one has to do a great deal of research and be sure to have actual evidence on hand for the audience to handle and look over themselves...said person is working on that. I am a millennial; that is, I am part of the generation that is increasingly becoming atheist. The #1 reason cited for this is that our parents and grandparents simply believe because Christ said it and therefore it is, yet we demand more tangible reasons and the evolutionists seem to have it...until we do our research}

  4. This is so good! Yes, the evidence is crucial in being able to defend our faith especially in light of all of the "facts" science has, even though time after time we see science coming to agree with the Bible. Though God is the one who opens our eyes and hearts to Himself, evidence outside of the Bible itself of it's validity never hurts!

  5. Great information that should be quite helpful when sharing about the word; I am going to record the scriptures in my Bible for easy access when needed.
    Thank you! barbarajh948