Sharing Christ Collection

A collection of 1-minute devotion sharing important truths about Evangelism.

These devotions deal with ways to share our faith with others.


Boring Testimonies 

Think God can't use your testimony because it's too boring? Think again. This 1-minute devotion will encourage you. 


We're Not all Gung-Ho Evangelists 

We're not all confrontational evangelists, so this devotion offers 4 practical ways to share Christ more subtly and naturally. 


What's Your Definition of a Missionary? 

Most people have the wrong definition of a missionary. Do you? this 1-minute devotion explains.


Always Witnessing 

We're always witnessing, whether we realize it or not. This 1-minute devotion reminds us of this important truth. 


Kindness, Not Sarcasm 

Sometimes it's the message that offends and sometimes it's the messenger. This 1-minute devotion encourages us to share Christ wisely.


Sharing Christ without Being Weird 

Don't share Christ like a "spammer." Consider these 3 things and share Christ naturally and effectively.


Listening for Opportunities 

It can be hard witnessing in our everyday life. This 1-minute devotion offers insights and encouragement.


Being an Effective Witness 

Have you ever thought about the importance of preparing to share Christ with others? This 1-minute devotion shares some practical ideas.


6 Ways to Use a Written Testimony 

Check out these 6 ways to share your written testimony. And leave any ideas you have in a comment. 


Only 4 Percent 

The statistics for salvation can be discouraging until you understand this principle. 



Formulas work for math problems, but not for sharing Christ. This 1-minute devotion encourages us to be ourselves.



Should You Mention Hell when Sharing Christ? 

Should we forget about the "Hell and Brimstone" approach to evangelism? This 1-minute devotion shares what Scripture says.


This Little Light of Mine 

Don’t underestimate the power message in this children’s song. Sing it, ponder it, and enjoy it!


Living Memorial 

What Does Psalm 92 Mean When it Calls Certain People "Living Memorials"?


Opportunities for sharing Christ on Social Media 

The internet has great potential for evil, but it also has great potential for good. This 1-minute devotion offers 3 easy ways to use it for Christ.


Seventy-Nine Percent 

Research show something very encouraging about sharing our faith. This 1-minute devotion explains.


Not Just the Easy Parts 

Jesus summed up the Gospel in these 6 words and they offer words to live by. This 1-minute devotion explains. 


Share the Gospel Honestly 

Dear Christians, We are not doing our friends a favor when we share an easy Gospel. This 1-minute devotion explains.


Are We Blinking Our Lights? 

I guess it’s an international gesture – blinking lights to warn other drivers of upcoming speed traps. When I saw it happen in Europe, God gave me the most interesting insight explained in this 1-minute devotion. See what you think.


Destroying Flood 

Isaiah and Paul speak God's Words about "beautiful feet." This true story of a flood illustrates the point.


Today is the Day of Salvation 

Don't Assure People that it's never too late for salvation.


How Can You Shine Today? 

Riding a tram in a busy city, I was struck by the lost and unhappy people all around me. I asked a question all of us should be asking.


When Loved Ones Aren’t Saved 

6 Things to do when you have unsaved loved ones. Let this 1-minute devotion inspire you.


Grumpy Witness 

Sometimes we feel like we have a right to complain, and this was one of those times for me. But Scripture counsels me to prevent the remorse I felt afterwards.


My Story Books 

This is a simple craft - anyone can do it. It's inexpensive, fun, and it makes a great conversation piece and a great way to share your testimony.


Jesus Asked Questions 

Why Jesus asked questions and why we should also ask questions. a 1-minute devotion.


Avoiding Stereotypes 

Atheists do it to Christians and Christians to Atheists. This 1-minute devotion explains why it's destructive.


I Never Told Her About Jesus 

Sometimes it's too late to tell a friend about Jesus. This 1-minute devotion encourages us to avoid such a situation.


Foolish Reasoning 

How Christians can respond to atheist criticisms. Short, concise, practical answers.


Christ Didn’t Ask Us to Make Converts 

Do you know that Christ didn’t ask us to make converts? This 1-minute devotion explains what Christ actually commanded.


Pause, Ask, Listen 

There are some important things to remember when sharing Christ. This 1-minute devotion explains.


Some Folks Need Law, Others Need Grace 

Christians need to know when to use the law and when to use grace when sharing the Gospel or talking with fellow believers.


Put First Things First 

When Sharing Christ It's important that we not expect non-Christians to have the same sensitivity to sin that we have. We need to start with first things first. This 1-minute devotion explains. 


Train Ride Conversation 

Sometimes when we are hoping for a little peace and quiet, God has other plans. In this situation, He blessed us with His plans.


3 Suggestions for Sharing Christ Naturally 

Sharing Christ need not be weird or pushy. This 1-minute devotion offers 3 natural ways to share Christ. 


Hit the Road 

Every Christian should memorize these 5 passages from Romans so they can share the Gospel more effectively. 


Even When No One Listens 

In Jeremiah 40, the prophet Jeremiah makes a difficult choice that illustrates words of Jesus. Let Jeremiah's choice impact your choices.


Rich and Poor Alike 

The story of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8 reveals some wonderful truths. This 1-minute devotion discusses favoritism based on income or social standing.


Finding Out Why They are Thirsty 

There are effective and ineffective ways of sharing the Gospel. It helps to find out why a person is "thirsty." 


Talking About Sin 

Some folks think it's old-fashioned and unloving to talk about sin. They claim Jesus rarely talked about sin. This 1-minute devotion explains what Scripture says.


Questions, Not Answers 

The story of a leftist, anti-Christian lesbian who found Jesus, and the reason she couldn’t resist.


Christian Body Snatchers 

Do you know that Scripture commands us to be "Body Snatchers" - well, actually "Souls Snatchers." This 1-minute devotion shares the Bible passage. 


Faith + Nothing = Salvation, Salvation = 3 Things 

Faith + Nothing = Salvation, but Salvation is followed by 3 important things if we're genuinely saved. 

Saved by Shoplifting 

This true story illustrates several wonderful truths about our salvation as Christians. And it only takes 1 minute to read! 


"Why Push Your Faith on Others?" 

What does a Christian say when someone asks why they "push their faith" on others? This 1-minute devotion gives an excellent answer


The Significance of Our Lives 

We often confuse our significance to the kingdom of God by numbers or fame. But God judges things differently. Be encouraged by this 1-minute devotion!  


What's Your Evangelism Style Collection

How do you share Christ? Are you a "Jumper," Servant Evangelist, Apologist, Name-Dropper?


A collection of 1-minute devotion sharing important truths about Evangelism.

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