God's Wonderful Creation!

A collection of 1-minute devotions about God's Creation.
These 1-minute devotions address different aspects of God's creation.


Sweet Lemons
Did you know that the lemon shows us some wonderful truths about God's creation and His ability to use something sour for our good? 

My Compliments to the Ultimate Candy Maker 🍒
This fun devotion takes a look at God's details in creation - details that make our lives enjoyable. The humble cherry for example.

↪ Enjoying Bugs on the Sidewalk  
↪ A Way God Speaks to Us 

 Exploring God's Message in the Color Green 
Take a moment and be blessed and inspired by the way God has used the color green to bring truth and beauty into our world.

↪ 4 Ways to Enjoy God's Creation 


God's Creation, Fun Facts, Miracles 
Some fun facts that will encourage you and provide proof that God is the Creator.

↪ God’s Words Create 
↪ Fruitful Palms 


God’s Love is Like a Colorado “14er” 
Why Do you know what a Colorado "14er" is? This 1-minute devotion makes an apt analogy using "14ers."

 ↪ Dogs Tell Us Something About God 

↪ The Talking Sky

Look at the Firefly and Praise God
Some incredible facts about fireflies and some incredible thoughts about our God. 

↪ Killdeer Love  
↪How Coke Evolved from a Rock!!  

Do you know that nature has great benefits for us mentally, physically, and spiritually? This 1-minute devotion explains.

A collection of 1-minute devotions about God's Creation.

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