Beware of Ex-vangelical Teachings

this collection of articles addresses Ex-vangelicals who deny unpopular teachings in the Bible, some even denying the purpose of the Crucifixion of Christ. They are leading many astray and Christians need to be aware of their false teachings.

These posts address the increasingly popular movement of people who call themselves ex-vangelicals (not evangelicals), progressive Christians, deconstructionists, or revisionists: people who believe Scripture is outdated, wrongly interpreted, misunderstood, corrupted, and/or untrustworthy.

Beware of new teachings in the church that will lead you back into a spiritual wilderness! This 1-minute devotion explains.

Wilderness Wanderers.  

A number of well-known speakers and teachers are criticizing and rejecting biblical faith in favor of these 7 ex-vangelical teachings.

A thoughtful answer to Hillsong's Marty Sampson's announcement about losing his Christian faith. 
Despite her early and tragic death, Evans added great confusion and error to Christian teaching. This addresses the methods and conclusions Evans and other revisionists use.

Brian Zahnd, popular preacher, teacher, and author, believes the Bible contains truth but is not the inerrant Word of God. Examining his beliefs will help us respond to this growing error.  

Revisionist feminists have interpreted a passage in Matthew in a way that seriously insults the character of our Lord.

 Are you overwhelmed by the vast majority of scientists who believe in evolution? This 1-minute devotion will be helpful.


Why these 3 Feminist Arguments fall flat on their face.


Behold He Stands at the Door 

It's becoming increasingly popular to create a Jesus who is not the real Jesus and it almost always involves some mockery.


A collection of articles that addresses the serious errors in The Shack book and movie. 
Rob Bell...Josh Harris...well-known Christian teachers and preachers are abandoning their faith. This 1-minute devotion offers 3 reasons genuine believers stand firm.


When Destructive Sins are Celebrated 

Have you ever wondered why some of the most damaging sins are celebrated by our culture? This 1-minute devotion challenges us to stand firm.

Matthew 13 tells us there are false believers among us ("weeds"). This short devotion explains 5 ways to guard against the influences of false believers. 
Understanding what the Bible teaches.
Many people believe that accepting people with alternate lifestyles is loving and kind. Find out why it is ultimately cruel and uncaring.

Even though the exact word is not found in Scripture, abortion is still clearly addressed. Ex-vangelicals tend to accept abortion, claiming it is more compassionate than opposing it.

Hate Crimes: 4 Biblical Principles

Ex-vangelicals like to link biblical Christianity to hatred and hate crimes. It's dishonest, but it helps them redefine sin.

2 Popular Christian Errors

This post debunks two popular ex-vangelical beliefs.



3 Reasons Unanswered Questions Should Increase our Faith

This devotion explains how ex-vangelicals use unanswered questions to redefine God, as if He is on their level.


When People Reject the Inerrancy of Scripture

It's important to understand the implications of rejecting Bible inerrancy. Don't be taken in by deceptive arguments.

 Even though they are often discredited, Paul's letters are clearly Scripture. This 1-minute devotion explains why.

Is God a Cosmic Abuser? (Claim of The Shack author) 
One of the most popular "Christian" authors of our time sounds off about the Cross. 

This 1-minute devotion is a good warning for us to guard our hearts. Let it encourage you to stand firm.

Hypocrisy, persecution, hatred, intolerance... This devotion offers 5 biblical responses to the growing criticism of Christians.

This 1-minute devotion addresses the foundation for the dangerous "Progressive Christian" movement.

Jen Hatmaker: Making Faith Culturally Acceptable

Jen Hatmaker is a spokesperson for the progressive Christian movement, which is many ways could be called the progressive compromise movement.

Amy Grant Explains the Ex-vangelical Definition of Love

Amy Grant, a well-known “Christian” recording artist, now defines love for God and love for man according to popular "Progressive Christian" or Ex-vangelical teachings.

More Ex-vangelical Propaganda: Bart Ehrman

Another example of "Ex-vangelical" or "Progressive Christian" propaganda. It's always based on attack more than on facts. 

A collection of articles warning against the false teachings of popular Ex-vangelical or Progressive Christian Movement.

this collection of articles addresses Ex-vangelicals who deny unpopular teachings in the Bible, some even denying the purpose of the Crucifixion of Christ. They are leading many astray and Christians need to be aware of their false teachings.


  1. My son and his family are getting deep into Calvinism, and this seems very close to what's being talked about above. I see his pastor causing confusion in the true Word of God, and re-writing the bible. I'm at a lose at what I can do. All I can do is pray. My son has deep christian roots from childhood. He has known the truth, and is a born-again believer.

    1. Hi Unknown,
      Calvinism itself is not an ex-vangelical teaching. It is something that has long been debated by Bible-believing Christians because Scripture does not clearly explain the exact juncture of God's sovereignty and man's free will. Are we chosen before time or do we choose Christ during our lifetime?

      It is a denominational difference, a non-essential difference. Although some on either side of this debate would disagree with me, most people agree that both Calvinists and non-Calvinists can be genuine, God-loving, Bible-believing Christians.

      However, I'm sure there are Calvinist doctrines that are not inside these legitimate differences. I'm sorry that your son is involved in these things. I pray the God will give you wisdom in dealing with it.

      I have a beloved family member who has bought into these ex-vangelical teachings, so I can identify with your concerns.

  2. He was a Christian in name only then. He had zero faith. God can be His only true light we pray.