To Encourage the Discouraged

These 1-Minute Bible Love Notes are written to encourage you when you're down by changing your perspective and reminding you of God's love and care. Click any image to read the devotion.  Be encouraged! Bookmark this page and you can return to it whenever you want encouragement. New devotions will be added periodically. 


4 Scriptures to Comfort You When You’re Lonely

Psalm 33 Offers Fourteen Reasons to Be Grateful to the Lord

Faith versus Feeling

Singing in the Shadow – 5 Ways to Overcome Nighttime Fears – Psalm 63:6-8

9 Ways to Learn Gratitude

Accentuate the Positive – Philippians 4:4-9

Psychological Immune System

God Placed You in My Life

Same Old Lie

Doubt Busters – 3 Steps for Overcoming Doubts About Our Faith

“So What!”

Beauty From Adversity

Balcony Views

When Nothing Comforts – Psalm 77

He Enjoys Us!

Flip It!

He Heals and He Feels

Eat, Rest, Cry

Apple of His Eye

Even When We Can’t See The Good

Beatin’ the Blues

Why Does He Love Us?

What Are Your Comfort Foods?

Detours and Delays

God Can Use Our Scars

Yoked but Unburdened

5 Ways to Process Problems

Battleground or Playground?

I Can’t Be Happy Unless…

Underestimating God

Tell Yourself the Truth!


Why Are You So Far Away, Lord?

8 Steps To Overcome Bitterness – Dealing With Offenses Biblically

Even Paul Despaired

Go to the Source

The Spirit Knows

Will You Dance?

He Lifts My Head

Opportunities With Thorns

From Childhood to Our Last Breath

4 Biblical Secrets to Optimism

God Collects Our Tears – Psalm 56:8

Gratitude Attitude

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