Accepting Correction

A Collection of 1-minute devotions about the biblical way to understand and accept Correction.

This collection of 1-minute devotions encourages us to accept rebuke and correction because they are part of healthy spiritual growth. 

When a hurricane blew down an 80-foot Pine tree in our yard, I couldn’t help but think of this Scripture.
Handling situations when a fellow believer comes to you and tells you he is concerned about your behavior.
We live in a world that cherishes self-esteem but has little use for this important aspect of maturity and faith.
It's unpopular to criticize people, no matter how constructively it's done. We need these biblical insights.
God accepts us into His Kingdom just the way we are. But He has these 3 expectations after we are saved.
Do you know what Scripture means when it tells us that we can’t see sin clearly when we have a plank in our eye?
If we believe we not supposed to judge others and they are not supposed to judge us, we need to read what Scripture says!
Please don’t fall into the trap of this destructive parenting technique.
Are you looking for affirmation, encouragement, and comfort without rebuke or correction from God?
In our build-your-self-esteem world, it's becoming increasingly rare for people to give or receive honest, constructive criticism. 
Why some people create a God in their own image.
Ephesians 4:29 gives us instructions for our speech, but we need to understand that wholesome words can also be corrective words.
I bet you can guess what one of those six desires is considering it’s in this collection
Some Christians use their gifts fully. Others do not. This devotion explains 3 things that can make the difference.
These are things we must overcome if we are going to live faithfully for the Lord.
Following these 2 steps help us deal with rude criticism and actually benefit from it.
It's hard to be criticized or corrected. It stings a bit. This devotion explains 2 reasons correction is good for our souls.
This devotion explains 5 things that annoying people never do.
Do you know that “emotional intelligence” is part of our spiritual life?
You need all three of these in order to correctly judge situations, teachings, and people.

A Collection of 1-minute devotions about the biblical way to understand and accept Correction.

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