Christian, Beware!

Beware of these false teachings: concise, relevant, helpful 1-minute devotions exposing false doctrines.

These popular errors are hurting the witness of modern Christianity. We need to be aware of the influences in our lives and check everything with the teachings of Scripture.

Despite her early and tragic death, Evans added great confusion and error to Christian teaching. This addresses the methods and conclusions Evans and other revisionists use.

False teaching is everywhere, but these 3 Steps can help us develop discernment and stay on path with God's Word.

This article does not make assumptions about Osteen's motives or character, but it carefully examines direct quotes from Osteen's sermons and books and explains how they contradict Scripture.

Beware of "Jesus Calling"

If you read Sarah Young's popular books such as "Jesus Calling," these 3 truths can keep you from becoming deceived.

The Misuse of "Judge Not"

"Judge Not" (Matthew 7:1) is one of the most misused and abused phrases in all of Scripture. This 1-minute devotion explains.

One of the most popular "Christians cults" in the world began with the lies of an "angel."

Dangerous Lies in "The Shack"

The author admits he doesn't believe traditional Christianity. The Shack misrepresents God in these 5 ways and more.

This post offers 6 important questions Christians should ask before getting involved in yoga. 

Beware of any group that approaches the Bible in any of these 7 ways.

Don't Be Confused by False Descriptions of God's Love
One of the most popular descriptions of God's love is not found in Scripture. This description is not only confusing, it's also misleading.
Christians have adopted a number of self-esteem teachings and the results have been devastating.

Although many King James Only Teacers are well-meaning, they are misinformed about the reason for "missing verses" in the newer translations. This post explains 7 factors to consider when comparing the KJV with modern translations.

Don't Be Confused by Cheap Grace
This 1-minute devotion offers 3 ways to avoid the "cheap grace" taught in many churches.

A new "theology" has been created to explain away the obvious message of Scripture. But it is easily refuted.

The Boundaries Teaching of Cloud and Townsend purports to be Christian. This article examines that claim.


  1. Gail, your teaching today about the "Edomite brothers" encouraged me. Thank you for being an uncompromising champion of the truth of God's Word. You are so valuable to the body of Christ. I appreciate all the effort you put into ensuring we are not fooled by false teaching (or by the rejection of Edomite brothers when we stand strong on truth.) God Bless You!

    1. Thanks, Diane!
      May God give us courage and wisdom during these times of compromise and false teaching.
      God bless you.

  2. Will you please tackle Enneagrams? I know it is occultic but can't back up my reason for knowing this.
    Thank you.

    1. I've been reading a bit about it, and I will try to post something on it. It does appear to be questionable but I don't have enough info yet.

  3. In the English dictionary, "christian" is defined by, and practice two opposites teachings. True Christians follow Yahushua, the second mostly follows fake Paul who goes against the entire scripture 40 times. 1. Christian definition: true Christians follow Yahushua's teachings the Torah. in true scriptural terms, "Yahudah." 2. Gentile definition: those who do not worship YHWH, especially christian, heathen, pagan. These accept the words of fake Paul, not, Yahushua. It is impossible To do both.

    1. Thank you, Allen, for expressing your view. It's a good example for my readers who want to see how false teachings like yours discredit God's Word and create human definitions to fit their cultic beliefs.

    2. Gail.
      You are quite welcome even though you are highly confused.
      You assume a great deal of errors.
      I printed facts and you call them lies. I was pointing out that there are thousands of different Christian denominations is because each group picks and chooses between his laws they like, and his laws that don't like.
      I am a true christian.
      I follow the instructions given by Yahuah for True worship and eternal life through his son Yahushua. You called following the word of YHWH a cult. ???
      Your worship of the Pharisee Paul, the "Phoenician God named "God" and the Greek healer "Iesus" is also a cult. Fair enough.
      Following the teachings of a Pharisee makes you Jewish. Pharisee Paul, was doing what Pharisees do, Make up laws that are outside of the words of Yahuah. We found 40.
      I hope your followers can see YHWH's truth.

    3. Allen, you pick and choose what you want to accept. All Scripture was written by men under the divine guidance of God's Spirit. For you to discredit the writings of Paul, you have put yourself in the place of God. You printed no facts. You wrote what you have learned from cult leaders who have picked and chosen which of God's Word they wish to accept and which they need to reject.