Honoring Parents

This collection of devotions helps you develop a godly attitude toward your parents, and attitude that God promises to bless you for having.

If you'd like to do a better job of honoring your parents because you love the Lord and want to obey His commands, then this archive is for you!  You could read one of these 1-minute devotions each day for the next month and ask God to give you wisdom in your relationship with your parents. You'll find some repetition in these devotions and Bible studies, but God uses repetition to help us mature. (See God's Purpose for Repetition.)

Note: These articles do not address children who have been physically or sexually abused by parents. They must seek godly Christian counsel in handling their relationship with their parents.

Dear Christians, Call Your Mom.

Did you know that Scripture tells you to call your mom? Well, not in those words, but it does! This 1-minute devotion explains.

No One to Blame but Ourselves.

We live in a culture of blame and it's becoming increasingly difficult to be a parent. We need to start reading Scripture. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Bad Boundaries: Blame Your Mom.

Beware of teachings which blame-shift problems onto parents. It's popular but leads to big losses all around.

Bad Boundaries: Is Your Family Dysfunctional?

Christians understand that we are fallen human beings who need grace. So why are we so impressed with "Boundaries"?

3 Aspects of Honoring Parents – Initiative, Interest, and Priority – Matthew 15:1-9

If you are genuinely honoring your parents as God commands, these 3 things will be part of that honor.


Let’s Grow Up!

4 Ways that our attitude toward our parents reflects our attitude toward God. Such important principles for Christian families.

God Calls Their Worship a Farce!

Jesus gave a strong warning to find excuses for dishonoring their parents. We can choose blessings or a curse.

Adult Children and Parents

When we become adults, honoring parents takes on additional meaning and blessings.

Speck-Finders – Adult Children Who Judge Parents Hypocritically

The majority of adult children are "speck-finders" when it comes to parents. We need to become "plank-removers" if we want to receive God's blessing.


Giving Mom Grace

This 1-minute devotion encourages us to ponder some Scriptural truths in regard to our moms.

Absalom and David – The End of Dishonoring Parents

Don't miss these important truths found in the story of David and his son Absalom.

Will Your Father’s Day Sermon Honor or Rebuke?

We often turn Father's Day upside down. Consider the last few Father's Day sermons you've heard.

Mother Earth or Earthly Mothers?

Often people talk the talk without walking the walk. It's a hypocrisy we often find with mother earth and earthly mothers.

Takers and Givers

Adult children typically fall into one of two categories with their parents: takers or givers. Which are you?

Every Day is a Day to Honor Your Mom

Scripture tells us that in one very important way, every day is Mother's Day. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Underestimated Command

This is probably the most underestimated of God's commands, and we are seeing the sad results in our modern culture.

We Make Time for Things that Matter

This 1-minute devotion encourages us to look at our schedule and our priorities when it comes to our parents.

Bless Your Marriage: Love Your Mother-in-law

Few women realize how much they can bless their marriage by being considerate of their husband's mother. This 1-minute devotion offers inspiration to do that.

Give and Gain, Keep and Lose

This devotion discusses stinginess and generosity and how it applies to non-financial situations.

Reckless Abandon – C.T. Studd Boldly Obeys

Known for his reckless abandon on the mission field, C.T. Studd had a rare and godly attitude toward his mother's objections.


Excellent article from Desiring God explains how honoring our parents is related to honoring God: Honor the Parents God Gave You


Dishonoring our Heavenly Parent

Honoring parents is pretty low on most people's priority list, but it's an important priority to God. This 1-minute devotion explains. 

The First Person Blamed: A Parent

Do you know the first person blamed in the Bible? It's a trend that has continued to this day. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Do You Believe God Means What He Says?

Whether your parents are wonderful or difficult, this is the bottom line: you can't honor God while dishonoring your parents. This 1-minute devotion explains.

What About Annoying Parents?

If you think God has exceptions, think again. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Respectfully Saying "No" to Authority

This 1-minute devotion offers a healthy way to disagree with parents or others God tells us to honor.

Are You Losing Blessings?

Few Christians are obeying this command and they are losing great blessings and maturity in the process. 

We Have No One to Blame  Parents can have a terrible influence on their children, but this 1-minute devotion explains why there is no room for blame-shifting. 



Pure in Our Own Eyes 

There's a growing problem in our world and it's described in Proverbs 30:11-14. This 1-minute devotion explains.


Outward Godliness Isn’t Godliness 

This 1-minute devotion addresses 4 types of people who "have a form of godliness" but deny God's power.


Ridiculous! Let’s Put the Blame Where it Belongs! 

People are always excusing sins, but this excuse just might take the case!


Bite Size Bible Studies: "So you don't bite off more than you can chew at one time."

The Serious Consequences of Dishonoring Parents

This study shares 6 important truths that should help us be deliberate and serious about honoring our parents.

Grow Up! Honoring Parents Biblically

If you think your parents need to earn your respect, you haven't been reading the Bible. This short Bible study gives you solid wisdom from Scripture. 

Dishonoring Parents Dishonors God

This study highlights Ephesians 6:2, Matthew 22:27, and other Scripture passages to explain how Dishonoring Parents Dishonors God. 

This collection of devotions helps you develop a godly attitude toward your parents, and attitude that God promises to bless you for having.


  1. There is a epidemic of adult children abandoned their parents, estranging themselves and refusing to allow them to see their beloved grandchildren. I am in this sad boat myself. Please pray that this would be the year these adult children are convicted of their sin and return from their prodigal wanderings. Thank you.

    1. Dear Sojourner,
      I am aware of this epidemic and that is one reason I write about this subject.

      There are many good Christian parents who have been unfairly criticized, marginalized, and mistreated by their adult children, many of whom call themselves Christians while showing no regard for God's commands about honoring parents.

      Yes, and many of them are using grandchildren as pawns to manipulate and further marginalize grandparents.

      I am so sorry for your pain, and I pray that your adult children and others will wake up and see those things that are important to the heart of our Father God.


  2. Yes. About 3 yrs. ago my older daughter (late 30s) literally abandoned her Aspergers sister (now 23) and me. We have only God and are so poor that we MUST rely on God every second! If not for Him, we would be dead. While I am so sorry for parents suffering this, at least I know I'm not everything she says as she lies.

  3. To add, I haven't seen my grandson in many years. I never thought my own daughter could do this. Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas.

    1. Dear friend,
      There are so many parents suffering as you are, and the pain is very deep. I am so glad that God is sustaining you. I pray that your daughter may realize what she is doing and turn from it and let you see your grandson.
      God bless you.

  4. Thank you so much for this archive Gail. God bless you for helping steer young people like me towards purity and holiness.

  5. One problem I have is no matter how hard I reach out and honour my Dad, it seems it is never good enough. I try to call and he won't answer. I text no answer.
    How do you honour someone that doesn't acknowledge that you are trying?

    1. I'm sorry you are having this response from your father. I would encourage you to pray about how often God wants you contacting your father, and then do it for the Lord even if you have no response. You will also need to pray against bitterness (I'm sure I would need to do that). But know that you will be an example to others and you will be pleasing the Lord. And I pray your father will eventually respond and appreciate his daughter.
      God bless you.

  6. Your devotionals have really convicted me over the years to not examine my parents In light of what they’ve done to me, but rather to honour them as God has commanded from the beginning of time. I don’t need revenge or justice for the hurt, God knows their pain and motives as they parented us over the years, and I fall short of knowing the depths of their pain and brokenness. Thank you God that your devotionals are so readily available where I am and during a season I need these words most.

    1. It blesses my heart to hear this!

      God is aware of your attitude and will reward you as His command promises. May you continue to honor your parents in His strength and wisdom.

  7. I wish so badly to be able to have a relationship with my mother. I have always just wanted to be close to her. But for some reason I feel like she never really wanted me. She’s constantly sabotaging our relationship and has now told me not to contact her or my father. I’ve tried to talk to my father, but she answers his phone and hangs up. It’s always been this way. But I just give it to God and am thankful that I had the necessities I needed until I was old enough to take care of myself. I love my parents and pray for them daily.

    1. Dear Sheila,
      I am so sorry. There are so many parents who would love to have a daughter who cares about them. I think this Scripture was written for you and others like you:
      Psalm 27:10: Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.

      May you feel the comforting arms of the Lord. And I know He will bless for for your attitude. I don't sense any anger in what you've written, just sadness.