The Heresy of Universal Salvation - The Belief That All Men Will Be Saved

A Collection of 1-minute devotions uncovering the false teaching of Universal Salvation.

Universal Salvation is an old heresy, but it's becoming increasingly popular with our current culture. Christians need to know why it's a false teachings so we can respond to questions.

If you believe all men can be saved, you must also believe that Scripture is full of lies, to include the words of Christ.
If you believe all men will be saved, then you have a very low view of God. This devotion explains. 
If you think wishing all men will be saved is a godly wish, think again. It's not Scriptural for starters. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Sadly, those promote universal salvation deceive people, giving them false hope and helping them reject Christ's salvation. 
If you don't believe in Hell, then this devotion will show you that you are calling Jesus a liar. You'll have to reject Jesus and Scripture to maintain a belief in universal salvation. 
Proponents of universal salvation sometimes use this twisted logic to claim that Hell is simply a garbage dump. This devotion offers Scripture clearly refuting this false teachings.
These 6 passages are used misused by those who teach universal salvation. See what these passages actually teach. 

Is it either "Hell and Brimstone" or "Love and Universal Salvation"? No. Don't let people dictate your beliefs based on the extremes.

Be Prepared: Why Would a Loving God Send Men to Hell? 
This devotion offers a concise, Biblical answer to this question. 
Some of the biggest proponents of universal salvation are those who call themselves ex-vangelicals or progressive Christians. Read about the foundation of their faulty movement. 
A Collection of 1-minute devotions uncovering the false teaching of Universal Salvation.


  1. Universal salvation does not believe that you can be saved without repentance. They believe that God will lead all to repentance, just like he led you to repentance.

    1. Actually, some people who believe in Universal Salvation do believe that you will go to heaven without repentance. However, the "Christianized" version believes that a person can live their entire life hating God but when they die, He will lead them to repentance. Either version contradicts Scripture.