The Heresy of Universal Salvation - The Belief That All Men Will Be Saved

Universal Salvation is an old heresy, but it's becoming increasingly popular with our current culture. Christians need to know why it's such a dangerous heresy. These articles address various aspects of it.


Why Hoping All Men Will Be Saved is A Sign of Unbelief

Why Believing All Men Will Be Saved Requires a Low View of God – Romans 3:12

Universal Salvation Deceives Men, Giving Them False Hope

What Jesus Said About Hell

Is It Necessary to Mention Hell When Sharing the Godpel?

Be Prepared: Why Would a Loving God Send Men to Hell?

Half-Truths Are More Deceptive Than Outright Lies


  1. Universal salvation does not believe that you can be saved without repentance. They believe that God will lead all to repentance, just like he led you to repentance.

    1. Actually, some people who believe in Universal Salvation do believe that you will go to heaven without repentance. However, the "Christianized" version believes that a person can live their entire life hating God but when they die, He will lead them to repentance. Either version contradicts Scripture.