Overcoming Temptation

A collection of 1-minute devotions about temptation and how to deal with it biblically and effectively.

These 1-minute devotions talk about temptation and how to deal with it biblically and effectively.

Psalm 119 Strategy - 3 Ways to Overcome Temptation
Psalm 119 offers 3 strategies for overcoming Temptation. This 1-Minute Devotion explains.
The temptation of Eve gives us some helpful warnings about the way Satan tempts us today. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Do you know how Satan uses "pop-up Temptations" to try to ruin our lives? This 1-minute devotion explains.

We're all faced with temptations. This 1-minute devotion gives Biblical advice for overcoming them.

I avoid all-you-can-eat buffets because my desire to get all I can for my money and my love for good food join forces to defeat my self-control. But this 1-minute devotion isn't really about eating....it's about every type of temptation. Check it out for some sound Scriptural advice for overcoming temptation.

God always provides a way out, but we must do our part and take these 4 steps.

Sometimes we think that Satan is God's opposite, but this 1-minute devotion explains why that's not true.

We can learn 3 important facts about overcoming temptation by studying the temptation of Christ in Luke 4.

The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden has an important significance in your life as well. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Does God Give Us More than We Can Handle at Times? You might be surprised at the answer. But you can't argue with Scripture! 
This 1-minute devotion explains 5 Ways to Take Your Thoughts captive and get rid of sinful thoughts.

We often talk of "falling" into sexual sin, but it's actually a 2 step process and when we understand that, it helps us say "no" to sin. This 1-minute devotion explains.
This Bible Study gives insights into Satan's tactics and offers biblical wisdom for dealing with them.
This Scripture passage can change your life by helping you overcome anything that regularly tempts you or addicts you.
An interesting true story that proves the point that doing the right thing is often more important when it's hard to do. Fact: God wins all wrestling matches.
Christ gives us strength to use these 4 important tactics against temptation.
Can a Christian Be Demon-Possessed? It may not be accurate to say Christians can be "demon-possessed," but we should still heed these warnings.
We make multiple decisions each day, and that's why we need to learn to do the Proverbs 4 Walk. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Don't get the two confused because they involve different purposes and responses.  

Christians need to remember these wonderful promises about overcoming sin.

This 1-minute devotion begins with a thought-provoking quote and offers wise advice for avoiding spiritual pitfalls.  
This 1-minute devotion makes an interesting comparison between a computer firewall and our conscience.

A collection of 1-minute devotions about temptation and how to deal with it biblically and effectively.

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