Posts About Worry

These devotions address fear, worry, stress, and anxiety. You'll find some repetition if you read them all, but God tells us that repetition is good for us...a "safeguard" to keep us on track.
Scripture says we become deceived if we don’t apply James 1:22 to our lives. I sometimes fail to apply it in the area of worry.
Something tiny and seemingly insignificant destroyed this 400-year-old tree. It's a good analogy for worry. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Scripture gives us an incredible cure for worry. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Jesus is no sedative! This 1-minute devotion explains why He is more like an "IV" injecting Truth into our souls.
This 1-minute devotion offers 6 biblical truths that can help us get back on track when we get side-tracked by anxiety, fear, and frustration.
Often the things that cause the most fear are things without a “time limit.” This 1-minute devotion explains how we deal with those things.
When faced with problems, don’t waste your time doing what most people do.
Let God's Word Transform You by reading, memorizing and meditating on these Scripture verses about fear and worry.
This 1-minute devotions offers practical advice for overcoming fearful thoughts when we wake in the middle of the night.
This devotion explains how healthy fear is needed to overcome unhealthy fear.
One of these three is worry, and the other two can lead to worry. Scripture helps us overcome all three. 
We can't overcome worry without applying the principle in Matthew 6:34. This 1-minute devotion explains. 

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