Overcoming Bitterness

A Collection of 1-minute Devotions that help us Overcome Bitterness Biblically

These 1-minute devotions discuss overcoming bitterness.

You May Not Realize You're Bitter
Typically, we think of a bitter person as gritting their teeth with hatred, but this 1-minute devotion explains some subtle signs of bitterness that we should identify and get rid of in our lives. 


Planks and Holes
When my husband developed a hole in his eye, God taught us some important spiritual truths.


When We Don't Really "Like" Fellow Believers
The story of Elisabeth Elliot and Rachel Saint gives us some interesting principles into true life situations where fellow believers don't like each other.


Poison Control
Bitterness is like drinking poison. This 1-minute devotion offers 4 Biblical ways to overcome bitterness. 


Ice Picks & Poison
An incredible story of forgiveness. This could have been so tragic, but God intervened.


Deadly Revenge
This true story that inspired the novel "Count of Monte Cristo" gives us an excellent view of the damage of revenge. 


Tearing Down Strongholds
Scripture offers these 3 things for tearing down spiritual strongholds in our lives. 


6 Ways to Fight Our Enemies
Psalm 143 offers 6 Ways to fight our enemies and sometimes our enemies are of our own making. this 1-minute devotion explains.


Bitter People Keep Lists
List-keeping....it can be a good thing or an evil thing depending on the kind of list you keep. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Bitterness is a Spiritual Cancer
There is a problem we can have that has many of the characteristics of physical cancer, but it's a spiritual problem. This 1-minute devotion explains. 


Movin’ On
Sometimes you've done your best to make peace, but the other person isn't interested in reconciling. This 1-minute devotion shares the Christian response. 


Sin Looks Attractive But It Stinks – Like Rafflesia
Bitterness is a stinky parasite and it has lots in common with this beautiful flower. Find out why. 


Don’t Sit in the Prison Cell of Self-Pity
Self-pity is a prison but this 1-minute devotion explains who holds the key.


8 Steps for Overcoming Bitterness
These are 8 Scriptural ways to overcome bitterness presented in this concise 1-minute devotion.

A Collection of 1-minute Devotions that help us Overcome Bitterness Biblically

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