Clutter, Time, Organization and Stewardship

A Collection of 1-minute devotions about time management and Spiritual Clutter

These 1-minute devotion discuss various aspects of our priorities and encourage us to clean up the "clutter" in our spiritual lives.

De-Clutter and Refresh
A Cleaning Principle that Applies to our Spirits

My mother taught me a cleaning tip that has great application for our spiritual lives as well!

De-Clutter and Refresh

De-Clutter and Refresh: God’s Forgiveness
It can be a wonderful thing to de-clutter your work space, but an even better feeling to de-clutter your soul. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Organized Chaos
Organized Chaos
Chaos and Disorder cause problems and affect our well-being. This 1-minute devotion encourages us to use our time and resources wisely.

I'm too Busy

I’m Too Busy
There's nothing wrong with keeping busy...or is there? It depends. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Clutter Tolerance
Clutter Tolerance
Luke 12:15 offers the reason that clutter messes with our minds and makes us less productive

Does the Timing of our Quiet Time Matter?

Quiet Times: Does Timing Matter?
Don't let people "guilt" you into a morning quiet time unless that's what best fits your schedule. This 1-minute devotion explains why.

Quiet Time Guilt

Quiet Time Guilt
Are you struggling to have a quiet time and "beating yourself up" with guilt? This 1-minute devotion can help!

1-Minute Devotions about "Spiritual Clutter"

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