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These 1-minute devotions can help you readjust your expectations and attitudes so you can be content in any circumstance.

I Can’t Be Happy Unless
Sometimes we think we can't be happy until a situation changes. This 1-minute devotion addresses the Biblical attitude toward bad circumstances.

Jesus promises a kind of happiness that isn’t fragile like worldly happiness.

Just Another Day in Paradise
Our time on this 100 year old farm reminded me of the biblical way to keep a positive perspective.

Godliness With Contentment = Great Gain
It’s always good to evaluate our perspective on wants and needs. The Bible helps us find the proper balance. 

Can We Afford It?
Shoplifting tells us something about human nature and confirms truths in the Bible. 

Thou Shalt Covet??
The 10th Commandment tells us that one of two “C’s” will control us. 

Contentment Comes from Proper Perspective
75% of the world live far below the standard of the other 25%. Do you know if you are in the 25%?

The Freedom of Contentment
There are two ways to “get enough” and reach contentment. Do you know which is biblical? 

The Poison of Entitlement
Modern Americans have two major problems when it comes to wealth. Do you know what they are? 

Should Happiness be our Goal?
The modern church has a false view of happiness, a view that can’t compare to happiness in Jesus.

There are times when our contentment depends on our ability to say, “So What!”


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