Christian Marriage Devotions

This is a collection of 1-minute devotions that  offer biblical advice healthy, Christian marriages.

Gail's Insights from 50 Years of Marriage
I've been married 50 years. Let me share 5 important elements of a healthy marriage. All but one apply to all relationships. 


Stages of Marriage
This series explains 7 stages of marriage presented in a secular article and addresses them from a biblical perspective. 
A Biblical look at the 7 Stages of Marriage. This first part looks at the stages of Passion and Realization.
In this second part to the "Stages of Marriage" series, we look at the stages of Rebellion, Cooperation, and Explosion.
In discussing the 7 Stages of Marriage, Part 3 addresses the Reunion and Completion stages.
These devotions help us understand the biblical meaning and purpose of submission.

Most of us understand "falling in Love" but not as many understand "walking in Love." This short devotion shares some biblical insights.
This short devotion gives you some encouragement and ideas for enjoying your spouse. It's wonderful to be enjoyed as well as loved!
Can Men and Women be "Just Friends"? Does the Bible address platonic relationships? Do male and female attitudes differ in this area? This devotion addresses those questions and provides a forum for opinions.
More and more marriages are ending as people enter their retirement years. This short devotion encourages us with Scriptural principles.
A Marriage tip that addresses a "little thing" that can make a big difference.

We take things too far when we claim that our marriage will be determined by our parents' marriage. This 1-minute devotion explains more.

With the Lord's help, we can overcome our selfish desires and commit fully to our marriages. This short devotion explains. 

Don't let your marriage get stale. Find ways to be your husband's girlfriend. This short devotion offers ideas and Scriptures to help.
Why complaining about money can be damaging to our marriage relationship.l to husband as provider.
If couples practice these 3 things, they can make their marriages healthier and happier.
This devotion offers some Scriptural guidelines for keeping a balanced, biblical marriage.
God designed kissing for many reasons besides the obvious one. This post explains.
This short post offers some ideas for adding sweet surprises to your marriage relationship as you grow together in the Lord.
Why did you get married? If you're like most people, this short devotion can encourage you to change your perspective.
God is such an incredible many little details that make our lives better. Oxytocin for example.
This devotion encourages you to "Hang in there" because rough spots are a normal part of marriage.
Did you marry the wrong person? This is the Christian response to that questions.
This devotion explains some reasons that the divorce rate was only 7% in 1900 and is almost 50% today.
This 1-minute devotion explains how one Army wife views submission and it's a great analogy!
When someone says "Man's Best Friend" we automatically think of dogs. Scripture disagrees! This devotion explains.
This short devotion addresses conflict in marriage and assures us that not all conflict is bad.
This short devotion explains 3 major causes of conflict in marriage and Biblical solutions
Sometimes it's the little things in a marriage that make or break it. This devotion explains.
We can say we're sorry and make things worse unless we follow these 3 Biblical principles.
It's important to let our spouse know that we find them attractive. This short Christian devotion explains more.
A secular book that became incredibly popular simply transmits a truth that God has been telling us all along.
Just for fun, let's debate this issue that used to be a major sign of a "good wife." And let's apply some biblical perspective to it.
Is the concept of "women's Intuition" biblical? Actually the question is bigger than that. This short devotion explains.
God design for marriage sometimes causes confusion and frustration, but it still can't be beat!!
This devotion shares the first time a man placed his wife above God and offers some important warnings.
The Mother-in-Law Series
I hope this 6 part series on Mother-in-laws will give you wisdom to be one of the few daughters-in-law who is mature enough to embrace the challenges.
Few women realize how much they can bless their marriages by honoring their husband's mother. This devotion offers inspiration and encouragement to do that. 
This short devotion offers ways to deal with a mother-in-law who opposes your Christian faith. Scriptures and ideas that can help.

How do we deal biblically with an interfering mother-in-law? this post offers biblical advice from a woman who has been there.

Did you know that King David's lifestyle indirectly teaches us truths about our attitude toward our Mother-in-law?

This short Christian devotion gives a good perspective for dealing Biblically with in-laws who seem disinterested in your family.

The book of Ruth has some wonderful truths and also some excellent lessons for daughters-in-law. This devotion explains. 
In this devotion, I address 6 things I did wrong in my relationship with my mother-in-law. And I explain how applying biblical principles turned our relationship completely around!

My Best Friend
This is Gail and Michael's "anniversary album." It may not be that interesting to most people.
A good article from Focus on the Family: Love Your Husband’s Family by Juli Slattery
This is a collection of 1-minute devotions that  offer biblical advice healthy, Christian marriages.



  1. I really appreciated the mother in law series! I am struggling! #6 really helped me out. They all did. The one on ruth was great too. I read that and had often wondered what I would do if the tables were turned.

    1. It is always a blessing to hear that someone is helped by something I've written. Thanks for taking the time to share this with me.