Forgiveness: A Collection of 1-Minute Devotions

These posts deal with the difficult but necessary act of forgiveness.

You Intended to Harm Me

Before Romans 8:28 was written, an Old Testament Bible character lived it out for us. Be encouraged by this 1-minute devotion! 


 God’s Truth IS Truth!

It can't be denied. Even secular teachers agree. This is one of God's truth that is proven in life.



Do the “Impossible”

In Romans 12, God asks us to do some "impossible" things. This 1-minute devotion explains.


When Forgiveness Seems “Too Hard”

These two examples of forgiveness will inspire you to call on God's power to help you forgive others.


Beyond Understanding

This mother would have killed her daughter's kidnapper with her bare hands....until something miraculous happened.



Stabbed but Not Poisoned

 An incredible story of forgiveness. This could have been so tragic, but God intervened


God-Sized Forgiveness

This 1-minute devotion shares an inspiring true story of forgiveness.


Did His Brothers Ever Really Repent?

It might appear that Joseph's brothers repented of their crimes, but a closer look reveals something else. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Didn’t Want to Do It, But Did It Anyway!

This 1-minute devotion explains how "moving in the opposite spirit" can heal your heart even if it doesn't heal others' hearts.


Unjustly Imprisoned

The true story in this 1-minute devotion sounds like the story of Joseph, but it's a modern version and it's true. Wow! the power of forgiveness is amazing. 

 8 Steps to Overcome Bitterness – Dealing With Offenses Biblically

These are 8 Scriptural ways to overcome bitterness presented in this concise 1-minute devotion.


The Forgiveness of a Mistreated Slave

This true story will give you great encouragement to forgive those who have hurt you

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