Atheism & Other False Religions

These short devotions address false religions, "Christian cults," and atheism.

These devotions talk about the differences between Biblical Christianity and other religions. I hope they are helpful.

Muslims claim to believe in Jesus as a prophet, but they can't do that because of these 4 Statements Christ made.

True story: encounter with a dying man. Would he put the nails in his coffin spiritually?

They call themselves "progressive Christians" or ex-vangelicals, and their teachings are popular false teachings.

Upside-down Truth
Un-biblical "Christian sects" and cults typically use these 4 methods to change the gospel. This 1-minute devotion explains
This 1-minute devotion warns us against sharing the Gospel dishonestly, thinking we are doing God a favor.

Oh, Really! – Why Reincarnation isn’t Biblical
A single question refutes the false belief of reincarnation. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Dealing With Existential Angst
Existential angst is a sad atheistic belief that confirms what Scripture teaches. This 1-minute devotion explains.

Eternal Life
It's popular to believe there are many paths to heaven. Do you know what Jesus said about this idea?

Articles on Mormonism
These short articles explain that Mormons (LDS) have a different method of salvation, a different view of eternity, a different view of Jesus.

Hindu Karma
4 Reasons Karma is not a Biblical concept. Don't get Hindu Karma confused with reaping what you sow. This 1-minute devotion gives clear Scriptural guidance.

5 Theories for Life After Death
This 1-minute devotion gives an overview of the common beliefs about the afterlife and the reason most folks don't believe the truth.

3 Reasons False Teachings are So Popular
Colossians 2:8 explains the nature of false teachings and this 1-minute devotion explains 3 reasons they are so popular.

The Only God Who Wants to Be Our Father
This is a wonderful aspect of God that no other religion even attempts to copy. Know what it is? This 1-minute devotion explains

True Seekers Like the Magi
The Magi who visited Christ after His birth offer us some important truths about the way God deals with people who are unable to hear the Gospel.

Misery Loves Company
This 1-minute devotion ponders the reasons that Atheists are so eager to convert people to their unbelief.

Intelligent Designer
Where is the wise man of this age? Evolution has created a theory of foolishness that defies the evidence.

Christianity and Reincarnation
This 1-minute devotion explains 3 Reasons Reincarnation is Not Compatible With Christianity

7 Claims of False Teachers and "Christian Cults"
Beware of any group that approaches the Bible in any of these 7 ways.

How Can We Claim Jesus is the Only Way of Salvation?
A great list of Scriptures explaining why Christians can confidently say that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

Half-Truths About the Crusades
We need to put things in perspective and speak up when people falsely accuse Christians or distort the facts. The Crusades are one example.

Many cults and other religions claim to believe in Jesus, but it's not the Jesus of Scripture.

These short devotions address false religions, "Christian cults," and atheism.

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