Woman's Intuition

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“I think we should do it,” my husband said.

“I don’t.” 

“Why? It seems to make sense to me.”

“I can’t explain why,” I answered, “I just don’t have a good feeling about it.”

This has happened several times in my marriage during decision-making, and my husband has learned to value my “woman’s intuition.”

He hasn’t always made the decision based on my input, nor have I always been right, but I’ve learned it’s important to share what I’m feeling with him.

Being submissive doesn’t mean wives should always agree with their husbands. It means that once the decision is made we accept it and bite our tongue if things turn out wrong and we’re tempted to say “I told you so!”

There’s an old saying that goes like this:
“If you and your husband always agree, then one of you in unnecessary!”

It’s amusing, but true! God created men and women--masculine and feminine perspectives. Obviously, our world needs both, and so does our marriage.
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  1. I'm so right there with you, my friend! Great post and thanks for linking it to The Alabaster Jar!

  2. Intuition is a special gift from God and, yes, women seem to be more endowed with it than men. We can develop advanced intuition by sitting quietly and just listening to his voice. Time after time I’ve known things without knowing through the ordinary 5 senses, just a deep gut feeling that warns, cautions, or just the opposite. It's also the venue through which the Holy Spirit guides and instructs.

    Happy Memorial Day!
    ~ Debra


  3. Very true! I think it's okay to have an opinion and share insight... but it all comes down to having the right attitude when we share those ideas with our husbands :o) God is faihtful to help us out!
    Found you via God's Most Precious!
    Megan at www.increasemyhunger.blogspot.com

  4. That is so true..My husband and I have had many conversations such as your. Thank you for the insight and love that quote!


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