Biblical Submission - A Collection of Helpful Devotions

These devotions will help you see the beauty and purpose of submission if you read them with an open mind.

Extra: This collection is an extra resource for Bible Love Notes readers. I encourage you to read through these short devotions to gain insight into the subject of submission. You might want to read and discuss them with your small group.


Was it degrading for Jesus to submit to the Father (Philippians 2:5-8)? Did it make Him less valuable or less important? Of course not! Why then do so many people claim that a wife’s submission to her husband is degrading? These devotions will help you see the beauty of submission if you read them with an open mind, asking God to help you understand His purposes in submission. 

An Army Wife’s View of Submission 

This 1-minute devotion explains how one Army wife views submission and it's a great analogy!

Is Submission Cultural? No! 

What about the claim that biblical submission isn't biblical but cultural? This 1-minute devotion addresses this question.

Is Submission Degrading to Women? No!

It's popular to claim that biblical submission makes women inferior and abused. This couldn't be further from the truth. This devotion explains.

Was Submission Paul’s Idea? No!

Blame it on Paul. Another excuse to deny the loving, purposeful design of husband and wife in marriage.

Privilege, Responsibility, and Influence in Marriage 

Women who think submission makes them less of a person haven't understood the responsibilities of leadership and the power of their influence. 


Limits to Submission: Abuse

If you think that abuse is a valid aspect of submission, think again. These Scriptures make it clear that it is not!


Limits to Submission: Immoral or Illegal Requests

What does Scripture say about Submission when someone asks us to do something immoral or illegal. This devotion explains. 

Why Mutual Submission is Impossible 

I’m a strong-willed woman. Having been married for over 50 years, I'm in a position to judge biblical submission. That's why I'm speaking out.

Thoughts from my 50 Years of Marriage 

I've been married 50 years. Let me share 5 important elements of a healthy marriage. All but one apply to all relationships.

We Need It: A Submissive Heart 

5 Areas where Christians are commanded to submit to others. By honoring others we honor God.

Denying Submission 

Boundaries author, John Townsend redefines biblical submission and says husbands must submit to wives. This is a common example of the errors in the Boundaries teachings and the cultural bias against God’s design. For more on the errors of Boundaries counseling, see Are Boundaries Biblical?

Regarding leadership roles in the church:

Feminists Don't speak for all woman, and they don't speak for me. I love what Scripture says about women!!

A Well-known Pastor Changes His Views about Women Pastors
This devotion explains the false reasoning behind Rick Warren's new acceptance of female pastors.


These devotions will help you see the beauty and purpose of submission if you read them with an open mind.


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