Loved and Enjoyed

This short devotion gives you some encouragement and ideas for enjoying your spouse. It's wonderful to be enjoyed as well as loved! #BibleLoveNotes #Marriage #Bible #Devotions

Do you enjoy your husband? I'm not asking if you love him. I'm asking if you enjoy him. 

There's a difference you know. We can love someone without really enjoying them. But being loved and enjoyed is so much better. 

My husband has taught me a lot about "the joy of being enjoyed." 

For example:
  • Sometimes when I’m busy (often when I’m lost in my writing) I’ll look up to find him staring at me. Usually he responds by saying “you’re beautimous.”
  • Other times, he looks at me across a crowded room, points, and mouths the words “you’re the one!”
These aren't profound acts of love, but they are special expressions that tell me he enjoys me. And they make me feel special.

If you’d like to show your spouse how much you enjoy him ask God to give you fun, meaningful ways to express yourself.

I'll give you just one suggestion:
This short devotion gives you some encouragement and ideas for enjoying your spouse. It's wonderful to be enjoyed as well as loved! #BibleLoveNotes #Marriage #Bible #DevotionsCreate "signals" for each other--ways to express your enjoyment when you're in a crowd (e.g. a wink, a nod, your hand on your heart). 

If you long to be enjoyed by your spouse, start enjoying him/her and you might be surprised how quickly your enjoyment is returned.

If you're feeling negative about your spouse and find it hard to enjoy him, try this:

Make up a list of his good qualities and go over that list daily until you're able to focus on your spouse's strengths instead of his weaknesses (Philippians 4:8). 

God Enjoys Us! And He wants us to enjoy our spouse. It's part of His design. 

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  1. This is wonderful Gail! I love the "homework." After all, if we totally focused on the good qualities of those we loved each day, we would totally surrender those negative qualities to God and not dwell on them!

    Also love your secret signal. My husband and I have one of those and have had it our entire married life. It means "I love you."

    It's just a fun private way for only the two of us to share our love.

    When the kids were little I also made up an "I love you" signal for them too!

    1. Oooops. Was so involved in my comment that I forgot to say thank you so much for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday" today!

  2. I've found that the element of humor often increases our enjoyment of each other. Otherwise, life's just too serious! One day he found a plastic cockroach and put it on the bar of soap in my shower. After I recovered, the game was afoot! I put it on top of his clock radio so he'd feel it when he set his alarm. The next day he put it in the sugar canister so I'd see it when I spooned out sugar for my tea. . . the fun and elements of surprise added to our enjoyment of each other that month. . . might be time to dig out the cockroach again :)

  3. Great reminder! I will try to enjoy my hubby more this week:)
    Visiting form Pint-sized Treasures

  4. Great suggestions, Gail. My husband and I have one signal that we use to convey our love, but I think, after reading your words here about your sweet husband's actions, I want to come up with some more. It really is important to make our spouses feel loved and special, and I need to work on this more in my marriage. Very inspiring!

  5. Gail! I love the secret signal suggestion! And alliteration, apparently! Getting inspired to focus on my marriage this week.

  6. I loved this post! The idea of secret signals is so appealing! Don't you think sometimes people fall into temptation because they are drawn into the excitement of a "secret relationship." It is like an adventure and brings excitement into their days at a time when they may be bored or in a rut. Great Concept to look for ways to bring surprise, secrets, excitment, enjoyment, etc. into our relationship with our husbands!
    Thanks for linking up for Marriage Monday!

  7. Thanks for the little chuckle! I am single, yet but I want to enjoy my husband when the day comes. And be silly, laugh, have secret signals. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  8. Wise words, sweet lady! Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. Thanks Gail, my husband and I have signals and "looks". We also share a sense of humor together and sometimes banter back and forth in a playful way. We enjoy each other's company and are very comfortable together. After almost 25 years of marriage, he can still make me laugh.


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