6 Benefits of Kissing Our Spouse

God designed kissing for many reasons besides the obvious one. This post explains. #Kissing #Bible #Marriage

I like the ESV translation of Genesis 2:24: "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."

I looked up the Greek word most often translated "join" or "cleave" and this ESV translation is just as accurate. The Greek word dabaq means "to cling, cleave, keep close."

In marriage, we should "hold fast" in our commitment to our marriage vows, but we should also hold fast to our spouse....literally!

And that brings me to hugs and kisses. Everything God created is good, including the kiss.

Kissing not only is a form of affection in appropriate relationships, it's also good for our health and well-being. 

Here are 6 Benefits:

1. It Prevents Cavities:  Kissing helps prevent plaque and cavities by stimulating saliva production.

2. It Tones our Face: Kissing uses 30 facial muscles, toning our face and giving us a glow.

3. It Burns Calories: Kissing releases adrenaline and helps burn 2-5 calories per minute, double the normal rate.

4. It Builds our Immunity: Kissing exposes us to germs and builds our immunity. Of course, it can also give us the flu if our loved one is ill.

5. It Relieves Stress: Kissing puts us in a good mood and reduces our stress. This comes from the release of oxytocin. (Also see Love Hormone and Dog Comfort to find out more about oxytocin.)

6. It Decreases Pain: kissing releases endorphins which help relieve pain.
    And it goes without saying that kissing draws us closer, expresses our love, and is fun! Isn't it just like God to give us expressions of love that are so good for us!

    I already enjoy kissing my husband, but these benefits make it even more attractive!

    Sources: 16 Reasons to Smooch and Health Benefits of Smooching


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    God designed kissing for many reasons besides the obvious one. This post explains.

    God designed kissing for many reasons besides the obvious one. This post explains.


    1. So cute...and true! Thanks for sharing on Mommy Moments!


    2. I knew some of those, but not all.

      Found you via Mommy Moments.

    3. How fun! I do understand the glow part, although with me it's a redness from scratchy chins ;)
      And yes, I've kissed and gotten sick before.... :(

    4. oh my, i LOVE IT! thx so much for sharing.

      reminds me of a recent interview i heard w/ steven & mary beth chapman. they shared that they always share a 3-min. kiss everyday -- in front of the kids. don't ya love it?

      hopped over here from jolene's blog, & remembered well enjoying past times when i've enjoyed walking through your doors. good to be back.


    5. I knew about the endorphin benefit but who knew there were so many other physical benefits to kissing, Gail?! I love this! Thanks for sharing and I'll have to get busy smooching soon!

    6. Thanks for linking up to Mommy Moments!
      - The Mrs {co host}

    7. Gail,

      Your post made me smile. I'm sure when I share it with my hubby, he'll smile too, for another reason :) Thanks for keeping us sharp!

    8. This is very informative for me, I need to up my kisses with my husband. Better still I might have him read this... only that if I do, my lips may never get to rest. lol!
      I am visiting from Matrimonial Monday, thanks a lot for sharing, do have a super blessed day!

    9. Wheee!!! More reasons to kiss my husband of 30 years! Actually, when we were empty nesters for about a month (spread out over 3 months!) we practiced longer hello and goodbye kisses just for the fun of it! (Can you believe it, our 18 year old daughter STILL makes comments about it when we kiss in front of her?!!) I read somewhere that people who kiss their spouse everyday live longer, so we joked that we were adding years to our lives!

      I'm visiting through Titus 2sdays.

    10. I think I am going to QUICK go find my husband!! I am sooo thankful for him!!

    11. Adorable! I love it :)


    12. How interesting! I didn't know some of these... Thanks for sharing. :)

    13. That's funny! My husband would love this list... he's a big fan of kissing. I'm not so much, but I guess I should work on it.

    14. Thanks for this. I've got to show it to my wife!

    15. Love this, Gail! I would like to feature it tomorrow! Kissing is great when used rightly! yaya!

    16. Makes me want to kiss my hubby right now! (Maybe I should wait until he wakes up?) *lol*

    17. Thanks so much for sharing this. Who knew there could be so many extra benefits to kissing..........definitely makes you more encouraged to employ
      this great gift from God.

      blessings, Nellie

    18. Kissing makes Sex more loving

    19. Thanks, i hope to meet my hubby soon... I will shower him kisses everyday