"You Look Great!"

It's important to let our spouse know that we find them attractive. This short Christian devotion explains more.

I slipped into the lady’s room between speakers at the conference and an acquaintance was at the sink. 

“Your husband is really good looking,” she said, taking me off guard.

I felt a little odd that she made the remark—I don’t think it was really appropriate. But I immediately thought: when was the last time I told my husband he looked attractive? Had it been a week or maybe a month?

My husband is great about making me feel beautiful. In the last 10 years, He’s seen me bloat up after surgery, loose half my hair, deal with a thumb size burn on my face, and take on more and more of the wrinkles of a 60-year-old. But he always says things that make me feel attractive. (I know, love is blind, but I sure enjoy and appreciate his compliments.)

But there was a stage in my marriage when I rarely complimented my husband’s physical appearance. Maybe I thought it didn’t matter that much to him…he is a guy, after all. 

Most likely I just took his appearance for granted.

But this woman’s bathroom remark was one of several things that prompted me to think about it. And I discovered he enjoys compliments as much as I do.

When was the last time you complimented your husband’s physical appearance?

If you feel you’ve lost all interest in his physical appearance, ask God to restore it.

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” and share them with your husband! (Philippians 4:8)

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It's important to let our spouse know that we find them attractive. This short Christian devotion explains more.


  1. hi nieghbor...good reminder...blessings~

  2. yes...thank you for this...how true...and all men like to think they are handsome and strong....especia;y from their wives!

  3. Great reminder! I do want that kind of communication to go both ways in my marriage, so thanks for the nudge! :)

  4. Great words! Maybe it's because we are still what many people classify as "newlyweds" (been married a yr and a half) but I am still crazy for my hubby and tell him how studly he looks almost daily... But I do have a thing for his army uniform and blue eyes! Thanks for reminding me to keep it up :-)

  5. My husband was a career soldier, so I know what you mean about the Army uniform and blue eyes. : )

  6. Thanks for the reminder! I have had other women tell me my husband is very good looking as well. I want him to hear it from me way more than he hears it from anyone else!

  7. Lucky me, I am a full blown romantic who truly loves telling my hubby how handsome he is to me. When his hair turned from black to salt and pepper, then more silver, I told him how much better the silver compliments his medium complexion and how much more handsome he is. It is not the complimenting I love, but watching his shy smile light up the room, the way he stands up a big straighter, and his look of love to me lasts a bit longer filled with promises.

    1. Love what you've written, Lynn. Thanks for sharing it so others can enjoy it too! Bless you, Gail

  8. I've always struggled with self-image.. but my husband is great at reminding me that I'm beautiful. When we read The Five Love Languages, I realized that his compliments are, not only, his way of showing me he loves me, but it's the way he would feel loved too! I've been making more effort to compliment him daily. It's all-too-easy to say, "You look nice today!" Now I'm trying to compliment something deeper than his appearance every once in awhile.
    Kristen @ Trial & Error Homemaking

  9. I tell my handsome hunk of husband how good looking he is nearly every day:) Didn't always but I would much rather he hear it from me than some other woman. He just gets better looking as he gets older (why can't I do that?)

  10. Excellent reminder!!! Our husbands also like to be told that they are s*xy! ;) If we don't tell them, who will????