Falling or Walking

Christian marriage, Falling in love is easy
We know how to FALL in love.
But we don't know how to WALK in love.

We call it "falling in love" because it takes no effort....it just happens. It's not hard. It's exciting, romantic, and fun. We're good at falling.

But when we're required to stand on our feet and walk through the good and the bad, the better and the worse, we often head in another direction looking for another "fall."

We're in love with love, planning storybook engagements and magnificent weddings. But when the relationship requires genuine self-sacrificing Christian love, we run away.

That is why the Christian divorce rate is similar to the national average of 50%. That's why some Christians have bought into the foolish notion that living together can be a preparation for marriage. But live-in relationships break up more often than marriages. They are a preparation for divorce, and even if they survive, the foundation is ungodly. Christians who slept together or lived together before marriage need to sincerely confess it as sin.

We are a country of romantics who've learned about love from soap operas and television dramas where men and women exchange sex partners like clothes and still remain happy, healthy and attractive. We think that's real life. But it's fantasy.

Marriage involves two selfish people who must daily die to self, forgive, serve, persevere, learn and grow. It means doing the hard things. It means learning to make another person happy. It means expecting less and giving more, overlooking sins and forgiving.

It isn't easy, but, if we persevere, we find out it's worth it all. We find out that falling wasn't half as good as walking...hand in hand...over the bumps...through the puddles...around the rocks...closer with each step.

What do you think?
How does your "falling" compare to your "walking"?
What about walking is hardest for you?
What is the most important thing you've learned in your marriage?  


  1. I just loved your 'walking in love' concept, Gail! Wonderful post as usual.

  2. My Pastor always says we shouldn't "fall" in love....you should never fall into anything...love is a decision....a daily decision. Good read- even if I am not married. ☺

    Iris♥ @ The BlueBirdhouse
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  3. This is completely 100% awesome! I'm forwarding this on!

  4. love the concept of 'walking' in love.....sometimes that walk is uphill and hard, but definitely worth it!

  5. Nice concept and good words to remember. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Love this post --- and I've also heart that love is often a daily "decision" --- falling in love is the easy part, walking the rest of your life in love is where you grow and learn!

  7. I love the comparison between walking and falling. Yes, walking take effort. I have gotten into the habit of thinking that my husband and should just naturally be growing closer but it doesn't work that way. It's takes intentionality.

  8. Amazing post, Gail. I love so much of what you say here, but especially this, "Marriage involves two selfish people who must daily die to self, forgive, serve, persevere, learn and grow." I so resonate with this and I'm so glad you shared this with Wedded Wed. You have a real heart for marriage and you speak great words of wisdom to us each week. Thanks so much for that, friend!


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