Little Big Things: 17 Ideas

Sometimes it's the little things in a marriage that make or break it. This devotion explains.

“Sometimes when you look back, it’s the little things that were the big things.” 

Every evening when I was going through a difficult time, my husband left an encouraging card or note on my pillow so we could read it before we went to bed. This was a “little big thing” in our relationship. 

I did some research and found that experts consider these "little things" important in making a marriage healthy:

1. Compliments. 
2. Laughter. 
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3. Doing things together! 
See God's Design: Love Hormone.
5. Considerate communication. 
See 6 Rules of Speech.

But I thought they were a little too general, so I created my own list of more specific “little things”:

Sometimes it's the little things in a marriage that make or break it. This devotion explains.

1. Leave him little love notes (in his lunch, under his pillow, in his pocket). 

2. Make sure you talk everyday. 
3. Occasionally do one of his errands—the one he really dislikes. 
4. Get rid of those old flannel grammy-jammies and sleep in something lacy. 
5. Always say please and thank-you. 
6. Thank him for being a good provider and don't complain about his income. 
See Unappreciated Provider.
7.  Make his favorites foods often. 
8. Praise him in front of others (and on Facebook).
9. Let Him know everyday that you find him attractive. 
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10. Do something spontaneous and fun whenever possible. 
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11. Learn something about his favorite sport. 
12. Read a book together. 
13. Keep a journal of things you appreciate about him, and let him read it. 
Sometimes it's the little things in a marriage that make or break it. This devotion explains.

14. Be quiet when he makes a mistake, especially if you “told him so.” 

15. Hold hands, hug, and snuggle. 
16. Give him a sweet nickname. 
17. Ask his forgiveness when you do something wrong.
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As Christians we know that little acts of faithfulness matter to our Lord, and they matter in our marriage as well:
"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." Luke 16:10

Now it’s your turn…leave your ideas of "little big things" in a comment.  

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  1. I always look for the posts with the most interesting titles, and I'm seldom surprised when they lead me to BLN. And though the great titles snag me, the great content keeps me coming back.
    I especially appreciate the specificity of your ideas in this post. Sometimes I"m so unimaginative that I need serious help!!

    1. Thanks, Lori, you're a sweet friend and encourager! But I'd never call you unimaginative.

  2. Great suggestions, Gail! My hubby and I try to do a date night once a week too. :) Blessings! Lauren,

  3. This is great...and exactly what I needed today!! Thank you SO much for this!!

  4. I linked up on Thankful Homemaker and saw your post. Very good advice, I was trying to check off what I do already and make notes as to what I need to do. Thanks for your great post, we all need to be reminded!

  5. Gail, the little/big things are HUGE!! My husband often 'acts' like he isn't noticing but then 'complains' when something special I was doing for him is missing ;-) If your marriage has hit the slumps doing the things on Gail's list or making your own will either immediately or in time drastically improve your marriage.

    Some of the many things I have been doing are: leaving notes, especially when my husband was away for work. I thought he didn't notice...but he did!! I make his lunch but with much more care now, to say "I care." Sometimes I fill up his plastic yellow M & M dispenser with M & M's (sometimes because otherwise the pounds go on him and me too.) This month, I left chocolates on his pillow like a fancy motel would do (not all month ;-) and I have made some special meals for two that are his favorites.

    I enjoy going out to eat with my husband at a coffee shop for a salad and ice tea.

    Lori, I have enjoyed your blog and so the unimaginative should stick together. If we keep reading Gail's post's some of her imagination WILL rub off!!

    1. P.S. And thanks for linking up at Haven of Rest this past week.

      I have thought of your list more than once while I have been with my husband this week.

  6. Gail...fabulous list! I encourage my Love by sending him Scripture each morning. He loves receiving it and always tells me so. I also try to keep his jelly belly dispenser full. Thank you for sharing this at WJIM. Blessings.

  7. TThank you for such a great list to reference. I have been married now for over five years and it is time for us to reconnect again. Date nights, and taking the time to talk each day are some great tips. Thanks so much for always sharing great tips!I am dropping by from Beholding Glory link up

  8. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I chose this blog as my "Blog Pick of the Week!" You can find my post at

    Have a great day and thanks for always sharing your heart!