2013 Devotions

1-Minute Bible Love Notes 2013
those devotions marked with an asterisk (*) have an accompany study on Bite Size Bible Study 

Please Pray for Me--Judging ourselves (1Cor.11:27-32)
Millionaire--worldly attractions and Paul's focus
Don't Label Me, Please--unity in the Body of Christ 

Myth Buster Series--exposing popular false Beliefs: 
I Want You To Like Me--We need more than affirmation
Do Not Judge--What God says about Judgement 
Judge the Sin, Not the Sinner--It's not really possible to judge one without the other 
All Sins Are the Same--God's Word refutes this popular statement 
God Loves Me Just the Way I Am --God expects us to change 

The Elephant in the Church--Our lack of discipleship
4 Obstacles to Discipleship
Let's Get To Work--overcoming obstacles to discipleship
Do it Again, Poppy--God's incredible patience
Struggle Well--Being honest/real with others 

Outcasts--the priest who gave his life for the lepers of Hawaii
Dark Chocolate Bible--the sweet nutrition of God's Word
Home--why we have longings for "home"
Doubt-busters--when you have doubts
Harvest in January--it's always time to harvest

Gift of Time--the value of relationships
Rock Your World--the power of genuine repentance
Beauty from Adversity--God uses difficulty
Balcony Views--overcoming depression
In All Circumstances--thanking God

So What!--how to view disappointments 
Movin' On--dealing with broken relationships
Same Old Lie--a cause of depression
Harsh Remarks--how to handle criticism
Press On--Staying on track with God

Upsidedown Truth--errors of Christian sects
Lists--avoiding bitterness
Slightly Skewed--understanding the Word accurately
All that Glitters is Not Gold--trials purify our faith
Self-Control in an Out-of-Control World

God-Sized Dignity--forgiveness increases our dignity
Ice Pick & Poison--returning good for evil
Beyond Understanding--forgiving the unforgivable 
Crab Bite--Joni's ability to apply Romans 8:28 to everything
Shiny White Shoes--an angel rescue

Prepare to Share--forethought for sharing Christ
Are You Ready--2 essential preparations for sharing Christ
Boring Testimonies--everyone's story matters
Bonus: 6 Ways to Use Your Written Testimony
Hit the Road--using the Roman Road to witness
Not All at Once--natural ways to witness

Pieces Parts--correctly handling God's Word*
I Blew It--honest repentance
Too Much--God gives us more than we can handle
Kate Spade Shoes--how Christ affects our worth
The F Word--making God Lord of our speech

I Can't Change--effectively dealing with sin in our lives*
Little Messes--dealing with the little sins
Questions, Not Answers--witnessing the right way
Sex, Truth, Love--God's view of sexual matters
Vitamin C Christians--being the salt of the earth

True Freedom--a man falsely imprisoned for 35 years*
Dogs & Algebra--the greatness of God's love
Soft Words--the Lord disciplines us
Not Home Yet--we live in a fallen world
Walk or Complain--obeying God

Easter Week 2013
Hisses & Whispers--Christ foretold in Genesis 3:15*
"Nakes" & Whispers--our fear of snakes
Prophetic Whispers--Christ fulfills them all
Bloody Whispers--Passover reveals Christ
No More Whispers--Christ's Mission fulfilled

Talk or Give Up--working through relational problems*
Mistakes--learning from wrong choices 
Beyond Excuses--living like Joseph instead of Cain 
Not Those Plans--the real meaning of Jeremiah 29:1
Waste or Invest--developing our talents 

One of a Kind--uniqueness of the Bible*
Location & Character--perspective and contentment
We're Havin' Fun--sexual freedom
Medicine, Not Sedative--Jesus changes us
Drink Upstream From the Herd--harmful influences in our lives 

All, Everything, 100%--what God asks us to give*
Happiness--the difference between happiness & joy
Where Sin Increases--When bad things happen...
Ambiverts--God has purposes for all of us 
A Precious Story--how God uses the details of our lives

Deadly Revenge--the effects of bitterness*
Popular Misconceptions--God's part and our part
God Friends--our need for community
Incomprehensible--God's infinite character 
God Hugs--our need for closeness to God  

Never Enough--the good and bad of repetition
Tormented or Simply Bothered--how we view sin
A Great Cloud--mentored by autobiographies
Compete--taking our sanctification seriously
Permissive Grandad--is that what God is like?

Guilty Until Proven Innocent--attitudes toward God's Word*
Forgive or Forget--does God forget our sins?
Ugly Scars--the only scars in eternity
Perfect Epcot Plans--divine appointments
Your Mom--attitudes toward mothers

Too Hard--Forgiving difficult offenses*
Dreamin' of Heaven--one reason we love fantasy
Psychological Immune System--a benefit of gratitude
9 Ways to Learn Gratitude
I Can Fly--made for heaven

Does Faith Heal Us?*
Secret Joy--the faith of George Muller
Whole Food--spiritual nutrition
Frozen Shoulder--Hazards of a stiff faith
God Created Laughter

Who is My Hubby Hugging?--how much do we really trust God?*
Choose Your Wrinkles--laugh lines = beauty
Giggles--does God giggle?
Side Effects--merry medicine with no side effects
Laughter Therapy--it truly heals

It's the Law--Obeying even when it's hard*
Big Feet--the incredible feet of Gladys Aylward
What is Godly Tolerance?
Let's Not Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water--unashamed to speak for Christ
Joni Shares 5 Benefits of Suffering 

Love Means This--the importance of sincere apologies*
Bugs on the Sidewalk--the wonder of God's creation
This Train is Bound for Glory--the Christian journey through enemy territory
Our Cheerleaders--mentored by saints from the past
Will Your Father's Day Sermon Honor or Rebuke? Honoring Fathers

Politely Skeptical--carefully checking teachings with Scripture*
Would You Give Up $590.5 Million to be Polite?--values
6 Tips to Make Scripture Memory Easier
Latch on to the Affirmative--rejoicing in the Lord
Repent and Re-prioritize--overcoming sins through repentance

Thanks, Sis, I Needed that--overcoming worry*
It's Not God--let's quit blaming God for sinful men
Jesus Freaks--radical obedienc
The Flu is Not Forever--living for eternity
Patio Time--hangin' out with God

Dumb Things Christians Believe--evolution's worldly wisdom*
Asking the Wrong Questions--our view of God and self
3 Times to Bite Your Lip--gracious speech
July 4th "Picnic"--some American themed posts from the archives
Skype is Good--one day we'll see Jesus face-to-face

No Micromanagement--teaching people to study the Bible for themselves*
Train Ride Conversation--divine appointments
Profanity--first things first, sharing Christ
Dying Girl Injected with HIV Cells--God's grace
Who Ya Gonna Please? people pleasing vs. God pleasing

If You Were Arrested--do our lives reflect Christ?*
Reckless Abandon--C.T. Studds and His Mother's disapproval
Let Him Who Has Ears--responding to God out of love, not guilt
Today's my 62nd Birthday--birthday reflections
Wait for the English--God speaks to a remote African Tribe

When Down is Up--the importance of sorrow over our sins *
Dark MRI--God brings light to our darkness
Logical Exaggeration--extravagant faith
Hidden Ingredients--entertainment influences
Reflection on Suffering--Christ's suffering & our own

Clutter Tolerance--handling money and possessions  *
Acceptance Does Not Equal Love--God loves us too much to leave us alone
My Biggest Waste of Time--worry versus prayer
Satan's Pop-Up Ads--the deceptive temptations of Satan
Feelings Aren't Reliable--reading the Bible when we don't feel like it 

People Pleasers--pleasing God first *
Minority Rule--getting our values from God not popular opinion
Surrendering--the process of Christian maturity
Better Than Morning Coffee...Really! Benefits of God's Word
Feeling...Decision...Duty--ingredients of genuine love 

The "J" Word--4 times we should judge
Talk or Power--depending on God
6 Biblical Principles for Handling Money & Possessions
Turn or Bow--recognizing subtle idols in our lives
Cut & Paste--something we can't do with God's Word 

Do We Underestimate Christ's Words?--counting the cost*
Can a Mother Forget? God, our loving Father
Think Inside the Box--encouraging others
Placebo Power--how our thoughts affect our health
Your Heart's Firewall--our conscience 

Entitlement or Contentment--our attitudes toward life*
Typhoid Mary--the deadly spiritual disease
Bullets & Bibles--Bible saves soldier's life
Foolish Worship--when institutions deny God
Look at the Firefly--God's incredible creation 
Does God Hate Shrimp? understanding Old Testament law*
Doin' the Proverbs 4 Walk--temptation
Pondering Grace--God's grace is worth pondering daily
Sziasztok (Hello & Good-bye)--God's detours
I fell in love with another man--thoughts on my 43rd anniversary

Who You Gonna' Trust? seeking wise counsel*
Awesome, Really? our misuse of God words
Friendly Fire--Bad advice from others Christians
The Cost of Selfishness--personal selfishness costs individuals and society
Whiners or Shiners--attitude matters

Our God Comforts--God wants to comfort us in every situation *
Plead & Praise--the way of the Psalmist
Just the Next 24 Hours--worry
Junk Like Me--so glad Jesus is in the Junk business
It Was God--God is the author of all Scripture

Divine Translator--the Holy Spirit's work *
Without Excuse--evidence of God in creation
Attitudes = Action--faith without love, respect and honor is not faith
Are You Listening? God's message in the sky 
Mirror, Mirror--focusing on our image in the mirror

Prayer Series: 
Photos & Prayers--using photos for prayer reminders
Passages & Prayers--praying Scripture
Praise & Prayers--praying with Thanksgiving and praise
Partners & Prayers--praying with a friend
Prompts & Prayers--practical prayer reminders 

Grieved, Repressed, Insulted--how God feels*
Atheists in Foxholes--pondering the truth of God's presence & love
Good Mirror-Gazing--looking into the Perfect Mirror
Upside-down Perspective--selfishness
Language Training--learning God's language
Plan C --when God doesn't reveal His plan ahead of time*

Bad Step--not believing everything we hear
Paper or Plastic--choices have consequences
Pause & Listen--listening in evangelism
Unshakable Bottom Line--trusting God no matter what

Prompted to Pray--when God brings someone to mind*
Praying for People in your Path
Paper, Pen, Prayer & Learning Style--using your learning style to develop prayer habits
Purity & Prayer--repentance in prayer
Progress in Prayer--remembering God's answers

Sitting in the Dark--the Light of Christ, always available*
Proud Fools--how an atheist taught me a lesson
Difficult Hungarian--Avoiding confusion in life
The Easy Path--temptation to miss God's best

Even the Aroma of Coffee--influences in our lives (republished from 7-11)

Salt & Grace--gracious speech*
Homesick--longing for the perfection of heaven
Hearts vs. Faces--God values the heart
Inconvenience--Being grateful for things we take for granted
Inhale His Presence--Gratitude in the middle of difficulties

Punishment or Deliverance--Discipline is not always punishment*
What a Deal--God paid a high price for you
Truth is Truth--Power in forgiving
Run!--She fought the good fight
Singing in the Shadow--Prepare for anxious thoughts

Faith versus Feeling--Feelings are not reliable*
Anonymous--Do celebrities get it right
Named and Renamed--Bear the name of Jesus responsibly
Faith Falling--Is there anyone else up there
Strength, Not Weakness--Humble repentance is not weakness

Worse Than Suffering--Do you feel abandoned by God*
No Satisfactory Answer--Do you trust God always
Prosperous Paul--God does not promise prosperity
Genuine Thankfulness--Do blessings lead to entitlement
Thou Shalt Not...Maybe--The "New Morality" doesn't work


Disobedience is Unbelief--Ignoring God's commands is disobedience*
Thankful for the Suffering--Suffering can lead to growth
Knowing God by Heart--Can this affect adversity
The Significance of Our Lives--How does God measure significance
Off the Couch--What makes you venture out

The 100 Guilder Print--What price freedom*
Tricked and Trumped--Reaping what we sow
Ashamed of God--Is there more to God's love
He's a Better God Than I First Realized--Where is God on your bumpy paths
On the Boat--Where do you see evidence of God

Saved by Shoplifting--Bible study or arrest *
Accuracy & Doubt--Evidence for the Bible
The Honest See--Two men studied the facts, one believed
Half-Truths--Do you know the whole truth about the Crusades
Don't Forget-- Remember others as you celebrate this year

Are You Among the Wise Men?--Check out what you believe*
The Pagan Magi--The message of hope for all who believe
Happy Birthday, Jesus!--Merry Christmas from Gail
The Shepherd of the shepherds--Why were shepherds the first to hear
Hide & Seek--Clues about those who don't hear the Gospel

 Show Me--Are you from Missouri 
6 Ways the Self-Esteem Movement Contradicts Scripture--Don't think high of yourself

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