2011 Devotions

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Preview before Subscriptions Began God is Never, Ever, Ever on Vacation --God's faithfulness  

July 2011
Walk Away --Avoiding Sin
You Have a Place in History-- God's purpose for our lives
J-Lo Most Beautiful Woman of 2011-- Godly values
Whose Heart Desires --God's Will
Didn't Want to Do it, But Did it Anyway --generosity, forgiveness
God's Love Notes Can Ward off Dementia --faith

Rahab Series  
The Prostitute --Rahab part 1
A Scarlet Cord --Rahab part 3
Crumbling Walls --Rahab part 4
God Honors a Prostitute --Rahab part 5

Life Expectancy-- God has purposes for our lives
Smell the Coffee --Godly and ungodly influences
Give and Gain, Keep and Lose --Generosity
90% of the Time We're Wrong --Worry

Rejoicing in Philippians Series
Crazy Joy! --Joy in Christ
Lousy Lovers --Selfishness
Unintentional People--Selfishness
Beatin' the Blues --Focusing on Good
Are You In Training? --Overcoming sin
Sometimes I'm an Elephant --Forgetting the past

 August 2011
Psalms Week 
A Box of Letters Forgotten in the Attic --Why study Psalms?
Escape From Entebbee  --God is our Refuge
Generation NeXt  --Sharing God
From Childhood to Our Last Breath --God's Comfort
Spiritual Cancer  --Bitterness
9 Things That Will Disappear  --God's Word
See Them for What They Are --Worry
Losing My Hair --Trusting God for the unknown
Be Your Own "Thought Police" --Making our thoughts obedient to Christ
Not a Minute to Spare --Spending time with God

An Authority We Can Trust--The Reliability of the Bible
He Apologized For His Affair --Repentance
Did I Tell You My Brother is a Songwriter? --Family of God
What Are Your Stones of Remembrance? --Remembering God's faithfulness
He Enjoys Us--God's Love for us

God Questions Series-- Click to view entire series in one window  
Are You Uncomfortable With Mystery?--questions with no answers  
Why Do We Care? --God cares, so we care  
Why Is There Senseless Suffering? --clues to the mystery of suffering  
What Did They Do to Deserve This? --trying to play God  
If I Were God --our ridiculous arrogance

Have You Folded Any Socks Lately? --God's desire to talk with us
What Happened to Our Attention Spans?   --Concentrating on God
It Doesn't Get Better Than This   --Foretastes of heaven   

September 2011 
A Half Full Faith -- Pessimism
Would $1000 Be Enough --  Loving God

Mary and Martha Series  
Distracted By the Preparations  --Putting ministry before time with God  
Giving Up Our Agenda To Sit on the Floor  --Letting God interrupt our schedule  
Was it Just Martha's Personality?  --Having Mary's heart  
Extravagant Love --Loving God with abandon 
Logic versus Extravagance   ---Expecting opposition 
"Beauty Treatment" Series  ---Click to view entire series in one window  
Non-Cosmetic  --Outer beauty versus inner beauty  
Wrinkle Prevention  --Our attitudes affect our looks  
Light Within  --Beauty in the midst of pain  
Heart Medicine  --Joy actually is good medicine  
Plastic or Pure  --What will people remember about us? 

Sticks and Stones--God-breathed words
Bent Out of Shape--our attitude toward injustice
Monkey See, Monkey NOT Do--Imitating Christ
Is 10% Biblical--New Testament Giving
Cartoons or Cinnamon Rolls--Time with God

Sometimes We Don't Have a Clue--judging by appearance
Do You Know What a "14er" is?--The infinite majesty of God
 83-year-old Gets Breast Implants--inner beauty
Sometimes I take the Credit--trusting in God, not ourselves 
Do It Today!--life is fragile...we don't know how much time we have 

October 2011
Freedom Series  
The Freedom of a Slave--trusting despite circumstances  
The Freedom of Contentment--being content in all circumstances  
The Freedom of Loving Our Enemies--loving beyond the call of duty
The Freedom of Faith--believing what we can't see  
The Freedom of Forgiveness--Doing the "impossible"
Ten Commandment Series
God is Unreasonable--God's continuing love  
Do the Ten Commandments Apply to Us Today?  
Legalism or "Lovism"--How we approach God's Commands
Finger in the Flames--Why God gives commands  
The Biggest of the Big Ten--the 1st Commandment   
American Idols--The 2nd Commandment  
Who Said It's Just a Cuss Word?--The 3rd Commandment  
The Sabbath--Most Misunderstood Command--The 4th Commandment  
The Blame Game--The 5th Commandment  
If Looks Could Kill--The 6th Commandment   
What's love got ta do with it, got to do with it?--The 7th Commandment  
Why I Don't Steal--The 8th Commandment  
The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf--The 9th Commandment  
"Thou Shalt Covet"--The 10th Commandment  
When Two Equals Ten (2 = 10) --The greatest Commandments

Feeling Good or Being Good--willingness to accept correction  

NOT SURE WHAT I THINK OF HALLOWEEN 10/11--some thoughts on Halloween   

November 2011 
God's Grammar Rules--waiting and moving forward
Why Does He Love Us?--Amazed by the Love of God
Four Biblical Secrets--Biblical optimism
Scrape, Scrape, Scrape--Working for the Lord
She Didn't Know What To Say--comforting a friend

Taking Poison--deadly resentment
The Power of Negative Self-Talk
God Can Use Our Scars
He Gave Up His Leg--what are we willing to fight for?

Food Series
My Teeth Marks Are On That Apple--The lies of Satan  
Peanut Butter or Gourmet Fare--trusting God's Word  
A World Without Coffee or Chocolate--our essential need
Bamanna Bread or Banana Bread--gratefulness  
What Are Your Comfort Foods?--the God of all comfort 
Let's Talk Turkey--all things created for God's pleasure  
A Movie Without Popcorn--God's family around the globe  
5 Kernels of Corn--seeing God's generosity in all things
Leftovers--giving God our best

Food Series Continued:  
Juicy, Deadly Cantaloupes--our reputation  
Fast Food For the Soul--gifts of the Spirit  
Why Are You Cutting Your Roast in Half?--Meaningless Traditions  
Eat the Comb--God's sweet Word    

December 2011  
God Showed Him 300 Uses for the Peanut--asking God for wisdom
My Compliments to the Ultimate Candy-Maker--in praise of God's creation
Blind But Seeing--seeing with spiritual eyes
The Most Famous Trash-Talker--ignoring Satan's lies
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words--God communicates with us
God's Unseen Footprints--when all your choices seem bad
Do We Deserve What We Can't Afford--contentment and greed

Joseph Series 
Bad Blood --growing up in a dysfunctional family
Imagine This...And Dream--overcoming obstacles without giving up dreams  
We Can Be Victims or Victors--trusting God when things look bad  
Did His Brothers Ever Really Repent?--forgiving the unrepentant  
Faith and Bones--the substance of faith
Christmas Series:
 Keeping focused--Keeping Christ in Christmas
 The Sweetest Gift--it's truly the thought that counts   
Two Copper Coins--generosity  
Christmas is About Family--the family of God
God Became One of Us--Christ's humble gift to us

How to Overcome Evil--George Washington Carver's witness
I Let the Old Woman Take Control--anger
Biblical Anger Management--overcoming anger God's way
Meetin' God for Coffee--enjoying Christ
8 Steps for Overcoming Bitterness

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