2011 Devotions

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Most devotions from 2011 have been updated and are located in other archives.

Beautiful Woman in the World-- Godly values

God Honors a Prostitute - Rahab's choice in the line of Christ

Come and Learn - info about subscribing to 1-minute Bible Love Notes

What Are Your Stones of Remembrance? --Creative ways to remember God's faithfulness

Is 10% Biblical--New Testament Giving

"Thou Shalt Covet"--The 10th Commandment  

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween - part 1 

Different Ways of Handling Halloween- part 2

The Power of Negative Self-Talk

Bamanna Bread or Banana Bread--gratefulness  

A Movie Without Popcorn--Thanksgiving: God's family around the globe  

5 Kernels of Corn--Thanksgiving: seeing God's generosity in all things

Christmas is About Family--the family of God

Biblical Anger Management--5 Tips for overcoming anger God's way

8 Steps for Overcoming Bitterness

Creative Posts - I no longer write creative posts, but these are from the early years of Bible Love Notes:

Children's Nativity Project

12 Reader's Favorite Recipes

100 Year Old Hungarian Farm

Painted Pumpkin for Thanksgiving

Creating "Vintage" Journals

The Beautiful Antique Blue Book

My Story Books

My Russian Stacking Doll Collection

Bible Vitamins for Children

Make 3 Inexpensive Journals

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