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Waste or Invest?

wise use of God's gifts
In the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-28), a master gives his servants different amounts of money to invest, according to their ability. When he returns, he finds one man has buried his money and two have invested it wisely.

This parable encourages us to make wise and effective use of the gifts and resources God gives each of us.

As a writer I need to:
1. Pray about my gift.
2. Use it: write!
3. Develop it: edit, rewrite, learn new skills, get constructive criticism!
4. Invest it: explore new ways to use it for the Lord. 

The same is true for any ability or skill we have.

In Matthew 24, the man who hid his money in the ground didn’t understand the purpose, character and love of the master. 

If you aren’t praying about your gift, using, developing, and investing it, don’t feel guilty…guilt isn’t a good motivator. Instead, ask for a deeper understanding of the purpose, character and love of your Master and Gift-giver.

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  1. This parable has been on my mind a lot lately, mostly in terms of finances, but thank you for sharing this - I'd never fully thought about it in such definite terms regarding my gift. Thank you.
    God bless,

  2. Thank you for this great blog! I love it you create the link to write :-)

  3. Gail, thanks for visiting my blog from the UBP. I've enjoyed looking around your site. Lots of good information as well as inspiring and well-written devotions. I look forward to reading more. Have a blessed week ahead.

  4. Great devotional - glad I found your blog. Thanks for visiting me and I may come back and link up!!

  5. I love how you remind us to pray, because we can certainly trust the God who GAVE us the gifts to show us how He wants us to use them!

    Thanks so much for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  6. #4 Strikes me as something I need to do! Oh that we might writing, not for us, but as a way to use what He has given, for His glory! Thanks for reminding me of that! UNITED in Him, Jen

  7. It's so easy to let the days just slip by - thanks for the reminder to make our gifts count!

  8. I've never thought about my writing as a way to "Invest." It is good to expand our base, reaching more with God's grace and joy.


  9. Great tips for using our gifts! Getting closer to God will give us the courage we need to use the gifts He gave us fully!

    Blessings, Joan


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