The Great Challenges and Great Faith of Ruth

You may not have seen these elements of Ruth's story. Read them and see how they speak to your situations in life.

Imagine this: 

You're young and widowed.

You can return to your family and all things familiar.

Or you can go to your mother-in-law's hometown where you'll be a stranger and a foreigner. And some people will be prejudiced against you because of your ethnic background.

Your mother-in-law strongly urges you to stay with your family and return to your pagan gods.

But you vow to never abandon her or the True and Living God.

When you arrive in her hometown, she complains bitterly to everyone, ignoring your sacrifices for her.

Nevertheless, you immediately start looking for a way to support her, and you take on humble, back-breaking work in the hot sun.

When she recommends you to marry an older man, you agree. 

It's so easy to read Bible stories and forget they record events in the lives of real people like you and me. Ruth had human feelings, questions, and challenges. But she is an example of faith, humility and forbearance. An example of the kind of sacrificial love of Jesus (Philippians 2:1-11).

"Whoever loses their life" for God's sake will find it and "those who humble themselves will be exalted" (Matthew 16:25; Matthew 23:12).

God rewarded Ruth by placing her in the bloodline of Jesus and offering her example in the pages of Scripture (Matthew 1)!

How does Ruth's humble service speak to you and your circumstances?

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Daughter-in-laws can learn some great lessons from Ruth as well. See Was Naomi a Good Mom-in-law?
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You may not have seen these elements of Ruth's story. Read them and see how they speak to your situations in life.


  1. There appears to be no ethnic prejudice against Ruth. She was probably a descendant of Moab, an incestuous son of Lot, Abraham's nephew; hence, a distant cousin.

  2. Yes, Jeff. In the story of Ruth, Rahab, and others, God proves that His people are from every tribe and nation.

  3. Hi Gail. Just finished Ruth with my Bible study. Loved this book. It also showed to me that God was aligning the blood line of Jesus with ALL nations. "Not by blood, but by Faith". God's way of reaching everyone. I also liked the way God set up the perfect welfare system.
    On a lighter note note, check out Alistair Begg"s u tube book "I Love Ruthie"