3 Ways to Discern God's Will

discerning God's will, 3 biblical principles for knowing God's will
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"Does God want me to take this job?" 

 "Or does He want me to go back to school?" 

Sometimes we're confused about God's will and wish we could simply flip a coin. 

But here's 3 Biblical principles that can help: 

1. Pray with confidence that God will guide you (James 1:5-7). 

 2. Eliminate any plans that violate Scriptural principles (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Genesis 4:7). 

This is a non-negotiable. God won't bless you if you do something morally or ethically wrong. 

3. Don't avoid plans simply because they're difficult (Luke 14:26-27). 
Don't excuse yourself because of family, finances, or feelings. If God calls you to a specific path, He'll handle the difficulties. 

 God doesn't always make His plans clear in advance. But He always has plans and purposes for us (Ephesians 2:10), and these are three ways to help discern them.


  1. I think many times we dismiss the still small voice that calls us to do things. We are looking for the large loud voice so that we know we are not mistaken or misunderstanding the call. Thanks for putting these verses together and I think the principle that "does it violate scriptural principles" sums it up.

  2. Good point, Carol. I think you're right--we sometimes are looking for dramatic guidance when we simply need to move forward in what we already know to be His will.

  3. I like your point that if God calls you to do something, He'll handle the difficulties.

  4. Love this reminder! Thank you, Gail!

  5. this is a wonderful reminder, Gail! thanks for sharing.


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