8 Ways to Walk Closer to the Lord

8 ways to improve your walk with Jesus, growing in Christ, maturing in God
Christianity isn't passive...it's proactive. So here's some practical ideas for growth:

Improve your prayer life:
1. Pray according to your learning style...listing, writing, drawing, praying aloud, singing, etc.

2. Use daily activities as prayer prompts.  
Read: Learning Style  &  Every Time I Drink a Glass of Iced Tea 

Improve your Bible knowledge:
1. Get an audio version of the Bible and listen while doing other tasks.
2. Memorize your favorite chapter of the Bible.  
Read: Dark Chocolate Bible 

Improve your soul influences:
1. Throw out or delete any of your books, videos, and music that don't please God.
2. Go on a "pessimism fast." Whenever you start to think something negative, praise God instead.
Read: Aware of Thieves & Dirty Thoughts.

Improve your witness:
1. Start praying for one unsaved family member and one unsaved neighbor daily. Read: Not All At Once.
2. Learn the Roman Road HERE

Why not add one of the above practices to your faith walk this week.

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