Even Paul Despaired

Have you ever been discouraged or depressed and felt like your depression was a sign that you lacked faith?

I have.

But I discovered something interesting. 

In 2 Corinthians 1:8-11, the godly, uncompromising, spirit-filled Apostle Paul admits he “despaired of life” during a difficulty. 

This man who wrote about 30% of the New Testament, still felt despair at times. 

Despair and depression are a consequence of the fall. 

Some of us will experience these things. And when we do, we need not feel like failures.

Instead, we can do what the Apostle Paul did in this passage:

1. Set our hope fully on God (v.10)

2. Ask for the help and prayers of others (v.11)
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  1. I love your one-minute notes, Gail. I've been despairing recently over events that are out of my control, but I'm always encouraged to read that even our heroes of faith despaired or were depressed at times. Thank you.

  2. I like Meghan have been depressed, I feel like God has called me into ministry but feel unworthy sometimes. This really encouraged me!

  3. Gail...I loved this post. What encouragement that we have an answer to feeling despair. Thank you.

  4. I always enjoy your biblelovenotes. Today's was especially timely. I've been despairing a lot lately. Multiple health problems in all family members, most blaming me. While I'm having my share myself. I'm wearing a cardiac monitor for a month I got Friday afternoon. Prayers would be appreciated.
    Love, your Sister,

  5. Gail I really needed this today.

  6. That's a good word!

    Setting our hope in God is the answer to all of our difficulties.

  7. I love this particular passage of scripture - it reminds us that even a man who so obedient and strong as a Christian moments where he was discouraged. It's comforting to know when we go through these moments that God will lead us out!

  8. So short and sweet on a topic I wrote on at length today.

  9. Thanks for sharing at Thriving Thursday :)

  10. So encouraging, Gail, I will hide these words of yours, from Paul, through God's Word working in our hearts.

    1. Oops, again I forgot!! I get so focused on what I am reading!!

      Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this week. I just love your sweet posts. I have to learn to write like that since I appreciate them so much.

  11. It's good to know that there is a real and achievable solution.


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